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Christmas Pain

I know I am not the only one, there must be hundreds like me who love Christmas and all it stands for and having to deal with pain and keep a happy face for the grandchildren. Well this Christmas it's been a little differant we were due to go to our son's for Christmas Dinner and to see Grandchildren opening their gifts, then on to our Daughter and her children for tea. On the 25th December 2012 my wife who cares for me 24-7 was struck down with this nasty bug and she has been layed up since in bed, looking like a ghost. I coped well looking after her and did me good. I forgot about my pains and looked after her for a change. Well hope ypu all have a very Happy New Year and you enjoyed your Christmas. Here's to 2013 let's hope it's a better one for the Disaballed


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It's amazing the strength you can draw when you need it most. Hope she is feeling a bit better and yourself doesn't go down with it.

Agree about glueing a smile on the the face. My lot have just gone. Had a lovely time but am knackered.


Thank you for your kind remarks I had to call the doctor to her today she just went all limp and passed out I had to call a neibour to give me a hand to get her up again . Good people around the Avenue are always looking out for us and us for them. I am just going to get my lady some soup and a cup of tea then we can lay back and watch TV Heaven.

Take care nedd have a good new year and let us hope a pain free start Colboy


Best Wishes to your wife, good on ya for doing your best. Yes, let,s hope it is a good New Year for us all, I had some news from friends I had lost touch with in South Africa, thanks to their son and facebook! The mother has had seven brain operations after a bad fall, the father had a motorbike accident and has had surgery on his spine and has now been diagnosed with skin cancer, all this after their youngest child died from cancer in 1996 when he was ten years old. I am truly humbled tonight. There is always something to be grateful for every day, sorry if that sounds very gloomy, not meant to be, just made me realise how much I have going for me. On a lighter note, I wish you both a relaxing Old Years Eve, watching telly and a glass of bubbly! Best Wishes Ann


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