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Chronic pain

Omg this program on bbc1 Chris van the doctor who gave up drugs. I watched it last week and was upset with what he said but this week was just to much. I am so upset that this man things that we like taking drugs. I have been in chronic pain for 4 years have just got worse and worse I have days I can't even move. But this lady he helped get off her meds just made me mad. Does he really think it's easy ?? Being in chronic pain is not funny and not easy to live with day in day out. I would love mot to be on so many drugs I have tried about a year ago to stop all my meds with the help of ST TOM hospital but I had to go back on them as my pain got so bad I was taking into hospital for days. This doctor need to think about what he doing and saying before he things we all like taking lots of meds for nothing. Sorry I am really mad. I am happy that the lady got the help and she doing better with out her meds.

Take care all Linda xx

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Didn't bother watching second programme but if it was same as first- then my comments in the last post stand.

He was selective in his subjects- and when he did take over the surgery , he gave 90% of the patients antibiotics.

A shallow , lazy programme.

When he tackles real diseases and infections- then we can take notice.


Oh yes totally agree he makes me so angry if it was all that easy we would all be doing exercise and not taking tablets I agree my physio exercises have made a bit of difference but there is no way I'd get through life without my painkillers

I'd love to know the feed back the BBC are getting on the programme

I feel it's hard enough for people to understand how much pain I'm in and how it affects my life without them thinking I should be exercising and getting over it

Oooh fume fume Linda and wishing you all the very very best xx


He made my blood boil, he is making out that everyone is the same and should just stop their meds and get exercising. If only it was that easy.

My friends and family watched last weeks and have decided that I should stop my pain killers and get on with life.

It sounds awful bit I wish I could give people my pain for a day and see how they get on.

I just love taking 32 pills a day, I mean who wouldn't. Do you know we all do this for fun!

I wish I could show everyone the MRI of my spinal cord where there is a bid dent in it from a slipped disc. It nearly ended with me in a wheelchair, i was very lucky, but have been left with severe pain, numbness and weakness.

I now degenerative disc disease and have numerous discs bulging that are causing pain and other problems but hey we don't need painkillers cos the idiot on the TV says we don't and all these people who have a "normal" life think we are just drug addicts cos we don't give them up.

I would give that moron doctor on that program my pain and he wouldn't/ couldn't hack it for an hour!

Sorry all, he made me so mad.

My rant is over.😠

I hope you all have a great day and as pain free as is possible. Xx


Really understands how you feel I really wish I could give my pain to my family and friends for a day too then they might understand how much pain I am in 24/7

I too have degenerative disc and numerous discs bulging I have weakness down my right side and it's just getting worse and worse I don't get out much due to pain and can't walk far with out help I have crushes but find that hard when my right arm and hand goes numb.

Take care Linda x


Hi Linda,

I have pretty much the same as you except it's mostly my left side that is affected with numbness and weakness.

I get horrendous pain in both elbows and into my fingers. Do you ever get that?

I too don't get out at all, only to do the school run and doctors appointments.

People just don't understand what the pain is like and how debilitating it all is.

I hope you have a pain free day, as much as possible.

Take care

Anne Xx


Gummi Hi, we havnt spoken before I dont think, but I know very well the pain you have in your elbows, its really nasty isnt it. One of the Admin ladies suggested to me that I get a strap for Tennis Elbow, which I did, I got mine on Amazon, it was about £10.00 but it fits just below the elbow and is like a mini miracle, it really helped and isnt invasive in anyway. You'd be able to use it when driving, anything. Try it and see. Lyzzie x

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Haven't bothered watching it at all. I'd like him to try being in chronic pain 24:7 365 days a year for his entire life....think he'd feel different then. Man is an idiot & I don't even know who he is or what he looks like!


Mahoney0719 What an idiot, its obvious that he has never suffered on going chronic pain, as for the lady he helped - how much pain was she actually in?? Pain has no way of being measured, how dare he say we enjoy being on medications, does he include ALL medication? what about my blood thinners and stuff am I supposed to stop taking those too, or is it just pain killers he has a down on? does he never take paracetamol for a headache? - in fact, does he practice what he preaches? Dont watch it again girl, he's not worth listening to. Lyzzie x


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