Added pain in the backside.....literally!

Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope for a healthier & happier one with a bit less pain please would be good!

I know I don't post on here often but after not sleeping for the last 3 nights due to increased pain due to coccydynia I thought I might surface again and ask for some insight from you.

Some of you may remember that I have chronic severe pain for approximately 23yrs or so after 17 operations & procedures done on my back so far! My saviour has been my neurologist & my implant of a neuromed stimulator back in 1995. Having been diagnosed & living with Menieres disease since 2008 as well as slowly losing my mobility it's been a frustrating; annoying; b***dy painful; drugged up; thought provoking; difficult on times, happy in others as well as desperate and depressing and; not to mention unbalanced and scary situations at various different stages. But now I have coccydynia to add to everything else.

So, I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with coccydynia, how long have you had it for, what helps to relieve some of the symptoms and is there anything I can do to help it?

My GP is brilliant but won't touch or do anything with my back due to the electrodes, internal battery and various other different items in my back and I can't fault them in their support & care of my conditions.

So, if any of you do have any suggestions or helpful advice about coccydynia I would really appreciate it. I've had it for the last 3 months now and it's driving me nuts at the moment due to the extra pain.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.


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  • My coccyx is out of alignment . Has been for 17 plus years, since a mis diagnosed operation. . It cannot be put back as I am told it is facing the bowel and would be too dangerous. I find Traditional Chinese Acupuncture helpful. I use 2 Tempur seat cushions to sit on any kind of chair which allows me to sit and not make pain any worse but is still painful/ uncomfortable to sit. But Pudendal nerve I feel is also be part of the pain problem with sitting etc.

    I have a 3 inch memory foam topper on top of my mattress..

  • Thanks for letting me know, the tempura mattress is something that I have been thinking about getting for my back but if it can help the pain in my coccyx which turn increases the pain on my sciatic nerves then I'll give it a go.

    Thank you for your help. Kx

  • Often thought about a Tempur mattress topper but decided too expensive. The most recent memory foam topper I bought was a Snug one from eBay . It is I think a higher density to the previous ones I've had. Never go away without a memory foam topper. Have a Tempur travel size mem topper but too heavy to lift ! So lives in attic

  • Your stimulator may need to be changed or given a new battery.

    There also could be changes due to age so an appointment with the hopital may be a good idea

  • Thanks for your reply.

    My stimulator works absolutely fine & my internal battery is holding its charge so all good there. Thankfully, they've all been checked recently so no worries there.

    It's definitely coccydynia due to the increase in pain with both sciatic nerves as well as when sitting and especially going to the loo. Also it's aggravated during menstruation. It's the added pain that's intolerable as well as the lack of sleep. Just as I think I'm managing my pain something else comes along to test me. Grrr........... My apologies for venting my spleen & I'm sure I'm not the only one going through pain thresholds & I do appreciate everyone's responses. Thank you. K

  • Hello K

    Yes I have nerve damage and have sciatica in both legs as well

    It is all very nasty

  • Yes I have had painful tailbone pain, where I shifted from cheek to cheek to stop my backside from hurting, I could not sit for long. My Doctor said it was incurable and I would have to learn to live with it and gave me some rub on gel.

    I experimented and found that 5000iu of vitamin D3 cured my tailbone pain almost overnight, but if I forget to take my D3 my tailbone pain comes back with a veangance within that same day.

    I also had sciatica pains, hip pain, lower back pain, restless legs at night and stiffness in getting up, all gone now with my D3.

  • Wow, that's certainly worth trying, thank you!

    I think most of us who use this forum are on pain and nerve medication as well as a whole host of other drugs so it's good to hear that you found something that works for you.

    Keep taking the tablets as they say, D3 that is and hope your pain stays away.


  • Forgot to add that vitamin D3 is an anti inflammatory.

  • Thanks for letting me know.


  • Hi costabuck

    I found my mattress was a contributory factor in my sleepless nights but not what kind it is or if it's got a foam topper etc. I discovered that it had 'weak points' so wasn't supporting me all over. As I sleep on one side of the bed, the outer edge was worn down so I wasn't, I've since discovered, laying in alignment - slightly lower in places and slightly higher in others, depending on which side I was laying on.

    I didn't notice it to start with but once I'd done some complex mathematical equations (not) I came up with a solution - I put differing thicknesses of pillow under the outer edge of the mattress until I felt more supported and comfortable. I now don't feel as if I being 'tipped' out of or into bed!

    May well be too simple an idea for your situation but as we know, correct spine & neck alignment whilst in bed is paramount!

    Just a thought though......


  • Been there! I even toted a coccyx cushion into the movie theater with me, all as a result of L5/S1 back fusion. I live in the U.S.A., and my family physician referred me to a local Manual therapy clinic. Yeah, it sounds gross, and if not for being 61 years old would not be able to have it done for embarrassment. That was to have massage done there, yeah the tailbone. I had 3 sessions of external message and one session of internal. The external ones did wonders for me, not so the internal, (which seemed to make the irritation worse). I can now say the coccyx pain improved at least 75%, which was saying a lot because it was so incredibly painful to me.

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