The pain has no words!

Just a bit of advice really to anyone who needs a dental extraction within a fortnight of a bank holiday! I had an extraction on a large rear bottom tooth not that you needed to know that but I thought I would throw that in lol. Now to the matter, due to said extraction three days later I was still in pain but it was bank hol Friday natural I thought, but on Saturday night big welts appeared on my chin and neck out of the blue- basically like shingles pain underneath the welts I never never never have had pain like this from then on. So on Sunday a three hour round trip to the hospital I had a nice prescription from the doctor who said after smelling my breath and commenting something about it smelling like an old bin lol and it looking like a very bad infection! We proceeded to the emergency chemist on rota in our area and found it was closed! So after another hours looking and driving we found a chemist, we were told you poor thing and the chemist said by the morning you will feel better! Omg ha ha she lied by the morning it had now aggravated all my nerve problems in my back shoulders, hands etc and I was a mess I even looked in the mirror and wondered why on earth my wife picked me lol I looked that bad! Then after ringing around we found an emergency dentist who went "whoa" when he saw my face ( crikey I already thought I now looked like the elephant man- now he sounded like he was confirming it!) so it turned out I had a dry socket so no clot stopping god knows what entering the nerves in my jaw! I left with some cream and gauze on it to stop anymore gunk getting in and a couple of hours later I felt my nerve pains calming down as well as my teeth. Now Monday arrived and I awoke at 4.00 with one side of my head so big it seemed a feat trying to get my head through the door! After an hour or so my wife woke up came in the living room and thought I was sucking on a pool ball lol. So after extreme pain I went to see my dentist (mr personality) who told me that again it was a very bad infection that could have not got to this stage if it hadn't of been an Easter bank holiday! So I know it was abut long winded, but moral of the story is please don't have extractions within a fortnight of a long weekend just in case this happens to you! This pain makes my damaged shoulders and back pale in comparison- the pain has no words it's just that bad, even Lyrica and my morphine don't stop it! The dentist told me "it will take a while yet to heal" eek! That was something I didn't want to hear with everything I have going on!...........till next time Frank D.

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  • Hello frankdobermann you have really been unlucky, my sympathies! On top of everything else, just what you needed. I also had a dry socket after extraction of a wisdom tooth some years ago and remember how painful it was. Best wishes and hope you feel much better soon. Sailsalot

  • Thank you Sailsalot, sometimes I think I've really upset that big fella in the sky! lol he seems to be trying me somewhat !

  • If you ring NHS 24 there is an option for a duty dentist at A&E. I had to use them once after similar extraction over Bank hol. They prescribed anti biotics to get me through until my own Pharmacy opened.

    I was very impressed by the service they provided


  • Hi Paton, I did try that but by the time we found out they were nearly closing as they were shutting at 12 and wouldn't wait for us as we were quite far away about an hour and there were non closer! But as I mentioned the one chemist that was on rota for us wasn't even open, our local pharmacist asked why did I not go there? My intense pain grew Saturday night- the dentist wouldn't wait so I had to wait in A and E forever, well you read the post it was a pure and still is nightmare! Crikey the pain seems on going and makes it hard to eat as I'm coeliac and my god that bread or basically anything sticks to everything so it's very hard to only eat one sided.

  • If my post seems a bit well not written right - it's lack of sleep and hard to think!

  • Your post is fine.

    I just wanted to point out there is a duty dentist albeit curtailed hours and not 24 as with A&E

    Most people who ring nHS 24 need Doctor and never listen to whole message. I never did.

    You will get better and be chomping like a good 'un!


  • Thank you!

  • Hi a couple of years ago I had a big tooth extraction a couple of days before Christmas due to an abscess. I was so relieved and thought the pain was over. Anyway I was still in pain a day later and managed to get in to see the dentist in time and he put something in it which helped.

    Well late on Christmas Eve the pain was intense again and I couldn't bear it. Someone told me I had a dry socket (never heard of this before) and I couldn't believe how painful it was! I borrowed my sisters bonjello which didn't do much and I spent Christmas in agony. On the Saturday I went to my chemists and was sold some orajel which did help a bit but had to wait another 2 days before the dentist was open again. I did ring the emergency dentist on Saturday and all I was offered was an appointment at 9 am on the Sunday at a place miles away with no buses to get there!

    On the Monday I was straight down to the dentist and he put some pain killing stuff in the socket and the pain stopped immediately and I had no more problems. I learnt the pain was caused by the nerves being exposed and the air going straight into it. I couldn't believe how painful it was!

  • Yep Lilaclill, I had never heard of it either until I was told I had one! The pain is worse because I've got an extremely bad infection though I had it before and my dentist though the extraction. Would cure it- well nope it didn't got that worse that even my dentist smelled it also and said that's bad! I keep asking my wife to let me at my bourbon I'm sure that will help lol but she won't let me due to the morphine I'm on🙈 damn! Lol. I really hope I don't get one again but my dentist said it maybe the drugs I'm on that caused it doh !

  • Oh dear maybe it's because of the drugs I am on as well! I am not on anything anywhere near as strong as morphine though thank goodness. I do know I never want to experience that type of pain ever again! I hope none of us do.

  • I'm assuming after your extraction Your dentist gave you an advice sheet and especially to use a saline mouthwash regularly. And of course no smoking and avoid eating on that side. But dry socket! Oh boy, you're right big pain. And I posted on another site that it's Murphy law that these things always happen at 5.31on a Friday evening before a bank holiday 😤

  • Yep dtech I got an advice slip I did everything as I should, crikey I'm on morph and not touch a drop in 18 months-so that's a lot of doing as I'm told or should lol . But my last word is still OUCH!

  • Lol. Perhaps next time. Forget the advice. Just hit the bourbon. At least you will be too smashed to feel pain😂😂😂

  • And I'm in the dental profession, so I know how bad these things can get😧

  • Well Bourbon it is then! Ha ha yep I think that's going to be my next move ! I will tell my wife and show her the post! She can't argue with that lol!

  • Lol. That wasn't a treatment plan. Don't want to get in to trouble with your missus 😳

  • Ha ha it's on your head dtech now lol I've shown the missus 🙈

  • My poor dear ! Dry sockets are just daughter experienced this also. Good luck to you. XX

  • Thank you Gram214 ! it's still terrible and it's nearly two weeks since the extraction and doesn't appear to heal! At least my wife is enjoying the silence lol as it's uncomfortable to talk! Lol !

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