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joke [hope it's ok]

A man walked up to the chilled counter in the supermarket.

"Er pardon. du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

the shop assistant said "Sorry?"

" du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

shop assistant says in a loud voice

" I don't speak French. I'll get the supervisor"

the supervisor smiles and asks "Can I help?"

"Pardon. du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

"Oh right" she says,

"You want the Cheeses of Nazareth!"

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Hi Sandra

I am religious but I do like a god (sorry I meant a good) joke and that definitely comes into that category, that was a really good joke.

Keep them coming.

Kindest regards


thanks, didn't want to offend anyone - I'd remove it first.

like your pun! :)



Oh I do like a laugh. good one.


Thanks Sandra that's a good joke . We won't put a fatwah on you. It's not like

Your making joke about Axxxh

It's good to have a giggle.



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