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Can't believe it's a decade

Realised this morning that my pain has just had its 10th birthday.

Maybe the fact that I forgot its actual birthday (31st July) is a good thing, a sign that even though it's still here I am not as focused on it as I was. Yes it is playing up again at the moment and the last lot of pain clinic injections don't seem to be helping, and I am facing up to the fact that I need a bit of an MOT with the physio again. But it's more in the background these days.

I hope this brings some little bit of hope to others : that even though it might not go away completely, sometimes it is not quite the monster it has been.

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Hi Teadrinker

What a milestone to have reached to have survived and struggled with pain for so long. I am very glad that you have tamed the Monster so to speak and I wish for you that it stays in its cage for the next 10 yrs ans beyond.I don't have any wisdom or answers but sending hugs and compassion and understanding your way. Xxx

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I have suffered for 5 years 6 come feb


Hello Teadrinker

I m pleased that condition has stablized, with me my condition has been constant since 1978 and now I seem to be falling back upon myself. Personally I am supposed to be on my OAP from Friday and my direction with this condition I suffer from has been suspect and sinister for to long. My mental health is now failing once more and all they can really offer for pain is the old chestnut Steroid injections as I am unable to take DMARD medications.

As far as I am concerned the whole problem now seems out of control and as explained I have tried all the get out of jail cards and I have run out of money to put in the kitty. I hope I will feel more positive soon, although I am so very fed up with such a long time of visiting various people who really are just as stuck as I am

All the best



Sorry to hear you're not so good, Bob. The mental health problems make it all the harder.

Sending you best wishes for the impending birthday.


That is such good news. And it does bring a bit of hope. You have had a gruelling time. May the good times continue. Now remember no swinging on the chandelier in excitement.

Can you heart he loud cheer.


happy not birthday


Hi there my pain has its 9th anniversary next month. I have managed to keep having injections which is a relief but I have been told to bring in my tens machine so that they can check that I am using it right. Unbelievable. The upside is somehow I have got through still being employed & independent.


Had my bloods taken today, and pressure

I was pleased with that 120/80. Not bad for sixty five I suppose.



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