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joke [from a church paper]

A man walked up to the chilled counter in the supermarket.

"Er pardon. du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

the shop assistant said "Sorry?"

" du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

shop assistant says in a loud voice

" I don't speak French. I'll get the supervisor"

the supervisor smiles and asks "Can I help?"

"Pardon. du fromage a bethlehem sil vous plais?"

"Oh right" she says,

"You want the Cheeses of Nazareth!"

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why does Santa have 3 he can Ho Ho Ho !!!


Hi cazzz

Why did you have to rake that old one up.

Have a good xmas



A group of shepherds turn up at the cheese counter and gather around a pile of Baby Bels. The shop assistant asks them if they need help and they respond, "We're here to see the Baby Cheeses."

Sandra's joke has to win for all that French.


Very good, thanks, needed a good laugh. Please teach me how to speak French, so I can tell my friends

Happy Christmas



we were that poor, at xmas, if i'd been a girl i'd have had nowt to play with


hohoho! :D we were so poor, when it was cold me dad'd eat a humbug and we'd all sit around his tongue to get a warm!


I'm not a girl, but still did not have anything to play with.




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