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It's that time of year again

Lots of things hibernate in the winter. Not my pain! It loves a bit of winter weather. At least I have spotted a connection between the arm pain & the weather - it's walking hunched up against the cold that does it. That and carrying bags of Christmas shopping, and the marathon wrapping session done sitting on the floor.

I am trying very hard to be sensible.

Went to doctors this morning with my ear (well, I took both along, as you do, but it was only the one that's playing up). Trainee GP (didn't look like a teenager for once) said, "Now let's just have a little look at your medical history...." There was a pause as she scrolled up the screen...and scrolled up, and up, and up.

"Oh!" she said. "I see!"

The ear is "fine" (as in they can't do anything about it, but had I not gone it would have been a problem). Perhaps she thinks I am one of these "worried well" people?

As far as I'm concerned I have done well this year (although there's a bit of it left) : only 2 GP appointments. I am almost like a normal person.

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I've not been to my GP for about 4 years. Will check in next year at some point just to keep my notes active.

Good to hear the ear is fine.

As for Christmas shopping, I do on line and some really nice scouts or bownies come round and wrap. All they want is a donation, juice and cake. Seems a fair deal to me. It can be quite a party with Christmas fm on full blast.


I love the idea of a scout/brownie party at xmas time!


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