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Hi all

I went back to gp because the shoulder pain is still driving me insane along with referred pain from it I presume. It feels like my spine is crumbling. It was the same GP I think she is putting the pains down to the grief of just losing my beloved dad and has prescribed me antidepressants also because I'm not sleeping at all.

My question is do I keep taking the ibuprofen to numb the pain a bit? As in the warning of the antidepressant it says not to take ibuprofen. I get digestive issues and gain weight rapidly on medications anyway so i'm just at a loss what to take and what not to. The GP didn't have much time she said it was ok to take the antidepressant with the other things I'm on levothyroxine, monteleukast, cetirizine etc but we didn't talk about ibuprofen.

other news my appointment has finally come through for x ray its not until 26th October but hey ho. Anyone else wish that they could see their x ray picture, like we used to be able to do when we had to take it from the hospital to the GP? Now it's all done ny computer and we can't see the screen I feel I'm missing out, it would be very interesting to see. I think you can ask to buy it but I have never been offered just told my friend to ask about it when she went for her heart xrayed and they said she could buy it, think that was £50 though phffft.

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  • Hi ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory tab you can take this with pain killers heils swelling etc.if it doesn't mix with antidepressants your doc can change it with naproxen good luck

  • Ah thank you I didn't know this about naproxen, useful info.

  • Hi Laurie,

    If you have digestive issues, I would personally stay away from ibuprofen. Sounds as if you need a good can buy paracetamol and codeine 8/500 over the counter, I take 30/500 which has to be prescribed by the doctor, I've also got butrans patches which are slow release.

    If youcould get the pain under control for the next month until your xray and then go from there depending what the xray shows.

    You can ask to see your xrays on your doctors screen and ask them to explain everything.....the same as you can request to see your medical records.

    I have osteoarthritis and have just had a hip replacement at the royal orthopaedic hospital in Birmingham.........they were very thorough and showed and explained my xrays and MRI's

    I wish you well


  • Thanks Judi, I will do that, good to know. Hope you are healing well after your op and it has made things better for you.

    Good that they were thorough.

    Best wishes


  • You can take Omeprazole to help relieve gastro issues.

    Be careful, taking NSAIDs constantly for ~3 years has really damaged my stomach and intestine (now a Coeliac). I refuse to take anymore regardless of pain.

    Have you tried a heatpack?

  • I;ve had omeprazole a few times before it causes me problems, doesn't suit me, nor I just stick to a low carb, high protein diet. I notice the difference when able to stick to it but unfortunately my regular meds cause me to crave carbs like bread and I don't feel full on the LCHF, must get back to it because it's such a good feeling when it works.

    Yes I agree on the NSAIDS I take as little often as possible. Good for you. I haven't tried a heatpack yet but I will do now. Does it work for you?

    Best wishes


  • Yeah, sometimes better than the pain meds. I use cold to reduce the swelling & heat for flareups. Hot showers & baths work well too.

  • Hi

    Have you triedgetting a anti inflammatory crram for your shoulder?

    That what I was goven for my shoulder pain plus ibuprofen

  • update I've been using soluble solpadeine it is taking the edge off the shoulder pain, just uncomfortable every now and then, not as painful. In the mornings the pain under the ribs is worse and nothing gets rid of it until I can manage to get out of bed and have a shower when possible.

  • Thanks some good ideas there, I will have a go.

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