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Energy for every thing

Bit of this

I have had the rarity of a good day. True the sodding shoulder was singing so much that by midday I was laying flat on my back in the book corner. Trying to restore enough energy to hit Age Concern for the free film show. The fact that the supply teacher was at a loss to know how to handle the lads who were in hyper overdrive had drained me. She did stop wringing her hands when I for appealed for help but scooped up the lasses who were not being a jot of bother. This left me with all my jobs and settling them. I even remained good humored while due to my enthusiasm I had said lads making books while placating the class drama king who couldn't understand why I couldn't give him my un dived attention and was getting crosser and crosser. In the middle of all this children were coming to me for help with shoes and the donning of fairy out fits. If fairy outfits had fitted me I would have fluttered across the road to The Three Feathers for a pint.

The film was a hit. The company was good.

I even had enough energy in reserve to cook tea. Because I let someone else try and sort a problem out with old Uncle George. When I rang back an hour latter to check on things guess what the good old social services had sorted it.

The pain was there but for some reason I was in the driving seat for once. Yes a good day.

Bit of that

If they never did a fairy dance they should have.

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great to hear, you sound like you had great fun


I love it. but I can't believe that I shall be able to keep the pace up until I am 66.

I live in trepidation of the powers that be cottoning on to the fact that really I am not up to it. Oh to be hale and hearty and 25 again.

Reply was the 'Fairy dust'... you should bottle it!


Shooting some fairy dust your way. Make a wish.


"so doff" my hat to you!




Hope things are ok with you and the budgies.


fine thanks,



You should write a book about your exploits at school.

I too often feel that someone will notice I'm not up to it (and I have a hell of a long way to go before I can retire!) and that my brain is two steps behind quite often (today is a prime example, it's taken ages to type this). But I also think that we put in more effort at work because of it.

In the spirit of the Two Ronnies, "Goodnight from me and goodnight from the pain lurking behind my left eye"


Completely understand about the brain not firing on all cylinders. I dread the "school trip". And worry endlessly that I will loose a child. But worse still not realise.

I think we put in huge effort just to get out of bed of a morning and we all should give ourselves a pat on the back.


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