This time, I win!

Carried a 4 pint bottle of milk and some bananas back from Asda on Saturday afternoon. It was a good mile or so. Put the shopping away & sat down for a well-earned cup of tea (what else?) when the familiar nagging started in my shoulder.

Seconds later my left front top canine tooth (the pointy one) started zinging, as if an electric current was passing through it. Touching my face and mouth set the crushing cramps off. The only way to deal with the tooth was to bite into some toast - the equivalent of rubbing a bump on the head to make it better. It had worked in the past, but not today.

My first thought was to dredge up memories of similar electric tooth incidents - it starts as an unpleasant tingle and crescendoes into days of violent pain and migraine. I gulped down the co-dydramol and pressed the heat pack around my shoulder, and battened down the hatches waiting for the storm to pass.

And it did! Woke up on Sunday with no pain, and no further bad incidents (other than the usual).

Took action instead of worrying, and I won!

Meanwhile, other half was nursing a sore & stiff neck. Out came the heat pads (he had to get his own, mine is not for borrowing) and some gentle exercises, all under my expert instruction. Much better again today.

Pain : nil; me :2

Keep going, onwards & upwards.

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  • my friend has been in agony for several weeks with an infected tooth and knee and hip pain. She paid to see a chiropractor who put pressure on her tooth by tugging on it firmly or a few minutes - the severe pain in her hip and knee eased and stayed so for almost a day and a bit!!!!

    apparently they are connected in some way - I learn something new...



  • I forgot to add Well Done!

  • Nice to see you typing again after your recent blip. Hope this means you are getting over it now!

    Well, as for the song, "The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone...", perhaps the tooth bone's connected to the knee bone after all?

  • thankyou, still iffy but ok, won't be on much.



  • Brilliant You are the champion!!! Spinal injection 14th Nov, was expecting to wait till the New Year!!!! Wish me luck and keep up the good work, we will beat this b-------d pain. We rule!! Hav a good night Ann

  • That's good news they've brought it forward. Good luck with it.

  • Thanks

  • Any victory is to be congratulated and celebrated by us all . We share the 'losses' together on here so for me your victory is also mine and every body elses . Thanks for the victory - and it's been a great reminder to me that they although they may be few and far between they are still there .

    keep up the good fight ,

    x JC

  • It is not often them pain receptors fail to marshal extra resources. May the force be with you.

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