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Emotional roller coaster

Hey guys I hope everything is going well for you today.

I just feel so helpless today I'm starting to think about the bigger picture.

The last two weeks had to  come  home from work early with crippling pain dizzyness & anxiety.

Iv had a headache now almost every day for 10 days I'm getting a horrible dull ache in my head when I turn it or look down sometimes & my right leg don't feel quite right when I walk.

Although it's a few centimetres longer than the other side.

So is my shoulder higher on the right than the left but it's due to the scoliosis 

Now am getting back neck & arm pain along with electric shock type pains in my fingers on the right.

Feeling low looking around at the house work that has to be done & wondering what the future holds

On the upside I have another Dr's  appointment next Monday to hurry up my neurologist appointment & hopefully get something stronger for the pain.

Sorry for being a downer I haven't got anyone else to talk to who understands I feel isolated.

Thanks for listening xxx

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No words of wisdom just big hugs and always here.

Apart from when I'm out that is!!

Pat x

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Thanks pat.

How are you & David ? Xxx


Oh never less than diddly poo although David having a rough time. Like buses all his worse bits rear their ugly heads together.

Fortunately GP had a cancellation so whizz him down there for some sympathy! I do TLC and tea.


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Hi, i do feel for you. You are really going through it. Did the injections you had not help at all xxx


The injections did not help although I'm getting g pain higher up than the site that was injected so I might ask to have them repeated up c3/c4 that's where it hurts the most.

I just have to wait for my consultant to get in touch with me. 


Bless you. It's horrible being in pain all the time i hope you get something sorted soon x


hugs my friend. Life is difficult, but always a friendly ear and perhaps a smile

hugs Liz x


Take heart we are all on the same page here and empathise with everything you say.There is light at the end of the tunnel,we just have to look toward it and find our way.Feeling low and isolated is par for the course but stay positive when it is the hardest thing to do!Lots of love!

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What would this forum be if it didn't allow people on a 'downer' to post hey? One way or another, we understand the frustration & feeling low & the frustration & hopelessness & frustration; you get the idea......

If you're isolated, this is the best place to be 'not isolated' in the theoretical sense.

Looking at the bigger picture take guts in my opinion; you're having to face the facts but it's also a step forward in your treatment. Who knows what the future holds? In the short term you've got the GP and then Neurologist appointment to 'look forward to' (I mean that in the literal sense, not excited sense). It's another stepping stone of hope; I try not to look much further than these types of appointments in case I'm sorely disappointed (I'm a pessimist) but they're appointments to see someone; some people don't get that 'luxury' and are left to 'rot' with their pain & symptoms so make the most of them. Maybe write all the symptoms you've put on here to take with you so you're not 'falling over yourself' trying to tell the doctor all you're going through. I find this keeps things to the point, factual & comprehensive!

Oh, and stop looking around the house at things that need doing; it's not vital that the duster makes an appearance!! You looking after yourself is!


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