Can anybody help with "nerve pain?"

I have pelvic and back pain. My stomach swells to where I look pregnant when it's usually flat. Yesterday and today I've had the best two days in 6 months. I had no pain. and no swelling. that was until I went to sit on a chair and it was lower than I thought. I hit the chair and had a shooting pain in my lower stomach / groin. Then my stomach swelled up again and the pain was back. it goes down my leg and up my back and even down my fingers. but the main pain is from my groin or pelvis. I don't know, this has just made me think it's nerve related. the same thing happened the other week. no pain for a day. then I move my leg in a weird direction and something almost "clicked" then there was the pain again. I'm on such a mission to find out what's going on lol. I've had every scan and even a laparascopy recently which showed nothing. only thing showing on bloods is inflammation. any advice more than welcome. thanks x

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  • Have you had your lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints xrayed or MRId? Maybe its worth looking at a bone cause rather than a pelvic cause for your pain.

  • I had a stomach X-ray but I've never had an MRI. only the last couple of weeks have I thought of looking at bones or nerves and things. I was just wondering if anyone had experience in this sort of thing :(

    Thank you for replying. x x

  • Having suffered from Lumbar and Cervical Spondylosis for a couple of decades, like earthwitch I'd certainly suggest that you ask to be referred to your local Spinal Clinic to get this checked out. There you'll be assessed and given x-rays and MRI scans. Could be a number of problems going on as pinched nerves often shows up as pain in totally random parts to the body.

    My own mother suffered from sciatica most of her adult life, with pain running down the back of her leg and into the inside of her foot, she had problems too with pain in her groin, she described it as feeling like toothache in her leg and it made her life pretty miserable. She also had episodes when her abdomen would swell making her very uncomfortable and at times it was downright painful, this was many years ago and was put down as her having 'women's problems'. However it's now known that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and ulcerated colitis are very common in people with sciatica, so could be you mention this to your GP too

    Often we have to be resolute and determined, so keep on at your GP until you get the attention you ask for.

  • Thank you so much. for replying. I've been to see my GP today and she's put me in for xray on lumber spine :)

  • PS chetchie..because they won't do xrays etc on my joints knees etc ..a rumo told me I hadfribo.. But no tender points!!!then told me its in heads fribo... I am on morpie dizipam,,iI've 3 levels of discs out..right out..on my s1 nurve..causeing sciatica true sciatica on that nurve not one gp has offered me nurve meds...I am Fed up

  • it's just awful how people can be left in this pain. for 2 years I've been told there's nothing wrong with me. so disheartening because I can hardly walk. feel so sorry for anyone who has to go through this. x

  • Sorry your suffering that pain, nobody can grasp that pain unless they suffer same and its nerve damage with me due to wear and tear on S1,2,3,joints, no spongy protection in between joints leaving me bone on bone so i live a daily hell, MRI needed for u...I had to push my gp weekly until I got my referral for an MRI, tho that was near 20y ago.I was a patient in pain clinic after that. Tried a few diff things which takes time, sacroiliac injections were last as not able to have spinal fusion, sadly they caused more damage to me, tho helped others in same situation. I was given Gabapentin, i had a bad time by day 3 on them so was changed to Pregablon.They are amazing, neuro blocker, they help block pain signal to brain. You must get a diagnosis..and this may take a long time, keep fighting to get to pain clinic, they understand the back/pelvis area far better than GP's. Pester your GP till u get an MRI, no diagnosis can even start till after that .. Good Luck x

  • my gp has put me in for an X-ray on lumber spine today. so I will wait for the results. although I am pessimistic. I agree that I need an MRI but my doctor doesn't seem to think so. I'm on gabapentin but I am trying to cut down on all medication and start again to see which helps. I've been on tramadol for so long that it's just been a daze. I don't know if it is "nerve pain" but it definitely feels and sounds like it. I'm just looking for answers. if I have a reason for all this it will be so much easier to deal with. Thanks so much for replying - I will definitely push my GP to refer me to pain clinic. and in the mean time keep trying to get her to listen to me about an MRI. I hope you're feeling okay today. Thanks again XX

  • Dear Chetchie painkillers are neccesary but try to reduce them. With the help of powerstrips you can skip the pain away. Go for that X-ray and see whats going on. Good luck.

  • what are power strips?? :D thank you I'm going tomorrow and I'm hoping they find something. Although they haven't on any other test so won't be surprised haha

  • Sweetheart have you been tested for Fibromyalgia?

  • I have but only through the pressure points and my doctor said to just focus on the pelvic pain. so that's what I've been doing. I was under the impression that fibro was widespread pain. i do get that very often. but this pain in my pelvis is my main concern :( I don't know I guess I'm just in denial because I want an end to it all x

  • hi... if you were given gabapenton your gp is pretty sure its nerve damage in sacrio area...and im sorry to say, there is no end to it.Im old hand at 20 years of it..Its good you are looking to have less meds and try managment, i was on 120mg a day of morphine a few years ago..and to think it started with a 2mg diazepam. I did a cold turkey as refused methadone, so was hospitalised a few times with dehydration. Good thing of our bodies, we are like a computer, we can press the reset button. Once off a drug, it is like it was in begining... I may be back on mst, servadol,codine, but at such a low dose.., im always honest to doc, i only take as need, can have a good day if doing nothing,..mst's i have no option, but the back ups are needed to get to app.or shoping, visiting my kids..i even plan hovering, how pathetic is that lol, visitors etc,daft things that people dont take notice off..Im sure u get what im on about..i love boots, have so many all i can do is look at,.a wedge is ok, but no fancy heels..its a life changing invisable disability..Its really good you are keeping a check on your meds..and there are other options if it is nerve damage...Botox..yes, it is on NHS and in some areas of damage can be injected, freezes pain for 3 your research on net..there are far more options now than in my younger days..there is even an electric thing like a tens machine that can be put under skin and controlled by computer..I do hope you get a good result..I hope its not fibro. Do please let me know how it goes. And any Q u want to ask please just ask. and i will try my best to help.i know how frustrating it all is, the pain, the referal app.the waiting..its is a huge part of your life on the line here...heads up, docs dont like us researching, but i dont care, id rather understand what they are talking about, write your Q down before each app, u only get 10 mins, get as much information from each specialist you see, ask advice and the 'where do we go from here'..They take ages to write to your gp with results, so dont be shy in asking them stuff..wont bore you anymore for today.good luck xx

  • Hi chetchie..I too have these props..started when I was 23.. Nearly 8 year ago got like that in my tummy tummy swells up at night!!are you on meds??I've discs out down there and feel in tummy..tail bone too...yeh x ray..or better MRI with contrast will help finds xx good look chick

  • yes my belly is worse at evenings. or with lots of movement. I will wake up with it 'flat' and then walk up and down the stairs and it'll be massive. I'm just worried now that if they don't find anything on X ray tomorrow, will they even consider me for an MRI :( lol just hoping for an answer. I'm in so much pain and I have no reason for it :( Thank you so much for replying, I will let you all know how it goes so hopefully y'all can point me in the right direction xxx

  • Hi chetchie.. They first sent me for a xray..that showed 3 level degarative disc desese.. Then got sent to spine care?.but tummy pains etc can really say snap were that bad doctor at time sent me to see if I had a problem with my overys!!! Were was coming from my back!!!nurve pain really is the worst pain ever!!!I would ask for a MRI!! It got that bad this time last year begged for a MRI.. It was bad..well discs out etc and like what bony builders get lifting too heavy stuff.?a big bit of disc s came out and full disc has moved forward..the bit of disc sitting on my s1 nurve..told I had to have a operation... Got better bytime came around months past did feel back very pain full!!!my tummy swells iI look pregnant!!! Right now..I am asking for nurve meds on Fridaywhen go gp,, helps if got a good doctor...mines sort of oOK!!but not to good expaning things or referring me on..I've also a s shape spine found out month ago at my last MRI.. Hips are in different places...let knew how get on...x

  • What about endometriosis? I had that and I was sooooo very sick, and hurt all over plus I had ALOT of PAIN IN THAT REGION!!!

  • they've been treating me for endo for the last 9 months. I've been on Zoladex or the menopause injection thing. but I'm still getting the pain. I had a laparascopy and they found no endo tissue. My doctor does still think it could be endo and I'm seeing a specialist at the end of the year. in the mean time I'm trying to rule out absolutely anything I can. It's just everyday now and it's unbearable. I can hardly walk and no doctor is helping :(

  • Bless Your Heart. I'm stumped as to what it could be. You may benefit from going to a pain clinic. It's crazy to make you suffer for for 5 months. Please let me know how you are doing sweetheart. I will keep you in my prayer's. xxxx Mitzi

  • 2 years this has been going on ! i went for the X-ray and it was normal. i then went to a chiropractor and he said he is positive its a back problem. he is sure its a central disc prolapse, i went back to my doctor and she's put me in for an urgent MRI that i will get within two weeks. so nervous that they'll find nothing on this now! thank you so much for replying xxx

  • Your lucky I've had this pain for over a year and all I've had is drugs and physio which did nothing going back to hospital the this month the Nhs is crap that's why it's free

  • Have you ruled out IBS? Google FODMAPS and try eliminating certain veg and fruit groups to see if that helps? We are all told to eat more fruit and veg/fibre but it's not for everyone and it can cause terrible pain! I'm so happy not to have to stuff broccoli down anymore!

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