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Corydalis for Nerve Pain


I am posting on behalf of a friend with Cerbral Palsy who is suffering terribly with Chronic Pain. No medicine that she has received from the NHS has helped at all.

She has diabetes and probably diabetic neuropathy. But the chiropodist has appears to have damaged a nerve in her toe quite a few months ago.

Has anyone used Corydalis for nerve or neuropathic pain? I have read on the Internet that it offers good results for Chronic Pain.

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Never heard of that one, I've tried all sorts of painkillers the past 5 1/2 years, recently put on zomorph (again) & sevredol, had nerve pain down my left side, shoulder, arm, hand, fingers, 6 weeks I was in agony every day till I got the sevredol, first tablet for me that's actually worked, really hope the pills work for your friend, nothing worse than nerve pain

Thanks for the info on Sevredol. I shall pass that on to her. She is expecting to see a consultant in a couple of weeks.

Corydalis is a Traditional Chinese Herb that has provoked some interest in the west. These articles caught my interest as Corydalis: and .

Anecdotal reports look encouraging but of course these offer hope where all else has failed so far.

I hope it goes well for her with consultant, I'll have a read about the corydalis too, bear it in mind for the future

It is an opiate drug used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) and has good scientific reports of working well for nerve and chronic pain in the US research. But not enough work has been done to prove its efficacy.

The treatment should be given by a qualified TCM practioner. This is going to be hard to find for her where she lives and of course would be expensive without any certainty that it would work.

That's no good, I would certainly get her to ask about the sevredol, only thing that kills my nerve pain

Thanks for your concern. I will definitely pass on the info on severdol to her and let her discuss at her hospital visit. Her GP has not been particularly helpful as she should have been given a hospital appointment months ago so there maybe a range of treatments that she could be offered.

Different drugs work for different people. She has tried a range of strong painkillers and none have worked. I don’t think she has been offered Morphine maybe because of her stomach problems. Isn’t life complicated for some people? Corydalis is supposed to have minimal side effects which is why it seems so attractive.

It would be possible to treat the pain with Corydalis without seeing a TCM practitioner and it may reduce the pain. I also understand that Corydalis can be given alongside other painkillers. That is why I was so interested if anyone else had any experience of it.

I take diclofenac with the sevredol as I get severe stomach pains if I take the morphine on its own, was with same with cocodamol, I've tried majority of strong painkillers & sevredol seems to be the only one that works, side effect though are that they do make you sleepy, but I'm fine at work, think it's as soon as I sit and relax the effects start, shocking that she's had to wait so long for hospital appt, I waited a year on NHS for a colonoscopy then got a call from bupa as they took me since I'd waited so long, fingers crossed they find a treatment that works for her, only taken 5 1/2 years to get one that works properly for me lol, would be so good if we all could just wave a magic wand

Thanks, I will pass that on to her. She is desperate for a solution so any advice is truly welcomed.

I did ask her about Morphine and she was given it but it made no difference at all.

Her pain got so bad that she went to see a neurologist privately. Only when the neurologist sent a letter to her GP that the GP referred her to a hospital.

I had the mst morphine pills and the zomorph before, done nothing for me then, sevredol I hadn't even heard off till I picked them up from chemists lol

Maybe weighted blanket will help? Here I found article about it: read!

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