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Continuing headache

I'm so fed up with a constant headache - mainly frontal and facial, although some tension-type at the back of my neck. Much of it is a flare-up of sinus problems. I'm also sensitive to certain weather/air pressure conditions, and s change in another medication isn't helping until I get used to it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for ongoing sinus problems, please?

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Commisserations - I get a lot of headaches too, grinds you down, doesn't it?

I used to get really bad sinusitis many years ago, long before all this pain stuff started, when I lived in a very damp part of the country and was subjected to stuffy buildings. the old trick of inhaling steam from a bowl of boiling water with Olbas oil in it helped a bit, but I had to do it several times a day. Also leaving a bowl of water in the bedroom over night seemed to help humidify the air, and sniffing a few drops of Olbas oil from a tissue - though whatever you do, don't get it mixed up with other tissues and dab your eyes with it - ouch!

Are you certain it is sinus problems? Facial pain can be caused by other problems such as with the teeth.

I hope you get some relief from the new medication soon.


I had a short course of antibiotics for another problem, during which the headaches disappeared. Unfortunately, when the course ended, the headaches returned.

Associated with my cleft lip and palate, the 'plumbing' of my nasal passages etc. isn't quite right, which does make me more prone to this kind of problem.


After having really severe headaches for weeks my GP referred me to a Neuropath Consultant who referred me for an MRI which the result was severe sinusitus, for which I was treated and it cured the headaches.


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