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doctors say i have gastreienturitis i on the other hand is really worried!

i have been feeling sick constantly day and night for 1 month and 4 days today! went to my doctor she tried sayin it was all in my head! silly woman...anyways i was in that much pain with my belly because its like a cramp and a pain all in one so when it comes i am doubled over and cant move i went to go see a specialists doctor and he diagnosed me with gastreienturitis or however u spell it. i am really concered as nothing has inproved over the last month and 4 days if anything its got worse everyday. does anyone know what else it could be? as its getting me really worried and the doctors wont give me the answers i need!

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Yes go to A and E and make them take proper notice of you! Good luck


iv phoned the nhs direct they said they cant do nuffin about it as its on goin and my doctors wont do any mre tests also when to the hospital the other night they just told me to go home and see my doctor


Doesn't sound appropriate treatment. Normally if gastroenteritis, meds are given to help, such as omaprazole. Your GP should be referring you to a gastroenterologist for further tests, for instance endoscopy, to ascertain what is causing the pain. It may also be helpful to keep a pain diary, where you can note on a daily basis what you eat, and what happened following, ie did pain worsen. Also noting when pain is at its worse and sorry if blunt but when you poo and what it's like.

You are entitled to a second opinion and if needs be, change docs. Hope you get it sorted x


There also could be at least 2 other conditions, the first being IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which can be brought on by stress etc. or secondly any other medication you might be taking such as (if you're female) HRT. I had a very similar condition to yours which seemed to co-incide with my first taking HRT in pill form. It only went after I went on to HRT patches. Or it could be another condition. But no matter what it needs to be investigated. If your Doctor sends you away like this then see another Doctor and don't see him/her again and you are within your rights to ask for further investigations.

Best of luck. I hope you are able to get to the root of the problem and find a cure.


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