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Teenagers and thieves

Bit of this

The young lad enlists the aid of passers by to help some people who are lost. A small girl is holding his hand. They follow us and she is chattering 19 to the dozen. He doesn't grunt in the usual way of teens but chats back. Latter another lad also clutching a small girls hand stands back with a smile and nods me though the door first. Lad number 3 does not have a small girl but a dubious looking staffy in tow. "can he come in" he asks the 2 ladies in the charity shop. This must be a ritual because they make a huge fuss of the dog and whip out the biscuit tin for him. I can't work out wether this is a ploy by the lad to get a biscuit for himself as-well.

On the way home I catch poetic justice on radio 4. There is a poet engaging men in prison to express themselves though words. Some of the participants seem very young. My heart goes out to them. We all start off with so many hopes and dreams and there but for the grace of god thinks I.

The good news is I only put half a tin of sardines out for my tea. The bad news is black cat seizes my laps in concentration to scoff them. Then to add insult to injury, I am slumming it eating in front of the tv, and the bloody whippet pulls a similar stunt when I get distracted by something man in an arm chair says and gobbles the remains of my jacket potato. Honestly all my animals have been thieves. I must be a soft touch.

The sun comes out after a day of rain and whippet gets his walk. 2 cars full of teenagers drive past toot and wave. I love these boys and have watched them grow up. I can't tell you how much they have cheered me up over the years.

Bit of that

“I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” William Butler Yeats's

Link to poetic justice the program is 15 mins long for anyone who is interested,

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wish i could put my thoughts into words like you can do. I admire you for having that special gift. Thank you for giving me the plerasure to experience it. weemikec


Thanks for your kind comment. It's was heartening to hear. But I write lots of rubbish aswell.

I read your profile I don't know what to say really. You have much more of a battle with your health than I do. We seem to loose so much of our life when our bodies play up and pain moves in, bits of us seem to move out, in my case motivation. it's a job sometimes to bothered to do anything. If you find the antidote let us know.


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