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Sprinkles withdrawn and sparkle added

I swan into Debenhams for my weekly treat of cappuccino laced with heaps of sprinkles to find the buggers are on a cost cutting exercise, and it now sits behind the counter.

I have a long list of cheer me uppers. It's amazing how the little things add to the quality of the day.

I get home though and find man about the house has applied elbow grease to the kettle and it sparkles. I do like a bit of sparkle.

I sit and pick a moment from the physical grind of work.

It is the twins 4th birthday today. Tradition dictates that the birthday person gets to sit on a special throne while we all warble our way through the birthday song.

Alfie stood before me with trembling lip and a tear in his eye.

"How will we ALL sit on the birthday chair" he worries. He knows that 2 bums can't sit on 1 throne.

And there was I having a "Oh gawd how am I going to find enough energy to get me to the end of the session" worry.

Some worries are just more important than mine.

Sod Debenhams I shall just have to take my own sprinkles. I am reluctant to find another coffee shop as I like the comfy chairs and the view of the canal providing endless opportunities for watching life pass below.

1 more lift of the spirit required before I eject black cat from my knee and haul myself up to get to grips with the Hoover.

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Sprinkles are important make a complaint with a fat bottom lip. Thank you for sharing a window into your day.



hey I felt like I was reading poetry how lovely thanks, I just came home from hospital after a Ketamine infusion and saw your post and it made me smile, thanks have a nice weekend x



I love my sprinkles too. When I go to Costa I tell them not to use their little coffee bean stencil so I get get more chocolate on the top of my coffee per square inch (and even then I still tell them to "keep going"). Thou shalt not be denied! ;-) Thanks for cheering us up, such a lovely post, children always have the best questions, and it makes us rethink ours.


Enjoying this bonny blog!


Thanks everyone for zooming into my sitting room. I will smile sweetly at youngsters in Debenhams in the hope of an extra shake of the sprinkles.

Vivikin thank you for your encouraging comment about my post. I am intrigued by your Ketamine infusion. The only experience I have is via a small son years ago who would opt for a general rather than Ketamine jobs for countless L P's.

I have wanted to throw in the towel so many times at work since chronic pain settled in. But in my heart I know that quite honestly my life would be so much the poorer. It is such a privilege to work with the children. They never cease to amaze and cheer me up. Even if tidy up time is one huge effort. I live in fear of the powers that be spotting the fact "I ain't wot I used to be".

May you all be feeling peaceful and comfy this Sunday evening.


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