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Pain and weakness in hands

I have pain and weakness in both hands but mainly in my right hand my gp says I have a weak wrist like, when I pick things up no matter how heavy or light I get pain in my wrist and hand and it starts going all tingly like pins and needles,

And at times I drop things like I could be holding a pen or I could be holding my mobile and suddenly it will just drop out of my hand but I still think I'm holding it if I'm not looking at it,

It's like my muscles in my fingers keep giving way :( , I'm right handed and it hurts to write, my gp gave me a injection 2 years ago it seemed to help a bit for a few months but then it stopped working he gave me tramadol but it didn't work and not does paracetamol the gp just tells me just to get a stress ball like and use that with my bad hand saying that will help a bit but it does nothing my doctor surgery sucks wish I had the money to go private :(

I hurt my hand when I was 12 , was pushed off my blades and was put in a splinter glove thing for a few weeks am 31 now could that have anything to do with it now do you think?

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Ask your GP to refer you to physiotherapy in the first instance. There will be a waiting list. A private appt with a qualified Physio, which you can find in the phone book, will cost you about £35 and you might only need the one appt. Also, you will be given information about what might be wrong with your hand which you can take back to the doc for further action if its needed.


Thanks will try this :)


Is it the hand or is neck problems. Pressure on nerve roots coming out of the neck vertabra can create similar sort of symptoms.


It's only on the hand and wrist and the last few weeks the pain has worked it's way upto my elbow


I have only recently joined the group and I can offer you every sympathy as I have been suffering from pain mainly in both hands for past 5 weeks. It is so agonising sometimes I cannot sleep. On paracetamol and ibuprofen-no use.. My blood results show high levels of some sort of rheumatism and I have an appointment at hospital in 2 weeks time. I work full time but of sick for 5 weeks so far. This is so debilitating, depressing and scary. I will let you know if any diagnosis and treatment I receive because your symptoms sound similar to mine.


My doctor did once say that I could have another injection in the hand again but I told him where to go as the last one was soo painful plus it didn't last and he did mention surgery but now his only telling me to use a stress ball to help the muscles in the hand saying it should help the muscles to get stronger and I won't drop things as much , which I think is a loads of balls, I had blood tests for a different problem and a different doctor told me the blood tests were all normal and I don't have arthrititis or diabetic , never had a X-ray on my hand which I thought the doctor would of done that and/or a ultrasound to check the bone and muscle properly as something might show up properly on them,

I'm right handed so when I write its so painful and when I try get out of bed I use my right hand to push myself up and when I do that a shooting pain goes right from my hand to my wrist then right up my arm to my elbow it hurts like hell, can't use my left side to push myself up as my left side isn't strong enough never has been that's why I always use my right side for everything,

Good luck at the hospital deacons1


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