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I have been recommended to chiropractic to help with bad back pain . Does anyone have experience of this. Thanks

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Make sure you have an MRI first and have a definitive diagnosis. Otherwise they can do a lot of damage. I know, to my cost.

Thanks for that. I have been a back sufferer for very many years and tried everything , Inc all the osteopaths, chiropaths, acupuncture etc. But that was all long ago . I will speak to my doctor and ask if an MRI would be possible just now. Best wishes and take care.

Great. Good luck!

Rather than a chiropractor I would be tempted to try osteopathy. They are gentler, and there are more and more of them working in the NHS as they are Allied Health Care professionals like physios are. It is worth asking your GP surgery if they have an osteopath working with them, and if not, you can find registered osteopaths here

My osteopath has kept me working for years now, in a way that physio was never able to do.

tanty5949 in reply to cyberbarn

Thanks I will look into osteopaths. The pain in my lower back is making it very hard to walk.

I have been using a Chiropracter and he realigned my pelvis and neck, I had severe lower back pain and am taking Naproxen and tramadol, I have to say the day after I was feeling much better, then I had an mri and got diagnosis of osteoporosis and was advised by dr not to go to Chiropracter, dr doing nothing for me but in her defence due to backlog because of corona! I did go back to Chiropracter once but I’ve to lay on my front and it hurts like hell and now the physio says that’s the worst thing I could do with my back problem, have you got a heat pad because honestly it gives me great relief from pain as does the tens machine. I’d say give Chiropracter a go but stop if painful

Hi, thanks for your advice. I can't take tramadol it doesn't like me. My doctor has me now using a transdermal patch. The 5mg wasn't helping so now I have 10mg. Its called buprenorphine. I also take cocodamol 30 and 500. I've been using the patch now for 2 weeks and so far no improvement. I also have c.t.s. and take amitryptyline 25 at night otherwise I can't sleep. I've also got something horrid called tinitus. Off to the hospital tomorrow for the cts. I'm a big mess at a time that makes it all worse.

Oh it’s horrible but I’m grateful for this forum and speaking to people as it makes us realise we aren’t alone,

If you have had back pain for a long time as you mentioned but it is just in your back without referred pain it might well be facet joint degeneration. You can have injections for this. It might be worth having an MRI. I have had a lot of hassle with my back and won’t bore you with it all. However a good myofascial therapist might be worth your while. My surgeon referred me to one. It’s very gentle but can have a lot of success.

Thanks Emma, yes I really think this will be my next step, the pain was so bad I was crying which I rarely do.

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