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Sharp pains in my head

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Hello. I have had migraines for at least a year now. I have gone to the doctor and they say it is because of increased hormones near my cycle. The last three days I have had a nonstop headache/migraine. Along with it I have been having sharp pains in random places in my head. They happen for 10-20 seconds. I have been getting random sweats and have been feeling sick. 

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You need to go back to doctor.  They can give you medications to adjust your hormones. 

Unfortunately my pains are due to an accident I had a few years ago.I have them all the time and am now finding them very debilitating

Migraines throw up all kinds of odd symptoms but if you are having sharp random pains I think I would be inclined to go back to see your doctor and get it checked out.   It could well be due to your increased hormones near your cycle but I would still be inclined to go back to see your doctor. 

Hello, I too have migraines and headaches that last typically 3 days and the last one went on for 9 days. I'm not sure if they are migraines or lupus headaches as I don't feel sick but have very bad pains on one side of head that don't go with over the counter medicines. I read about lupus headaches on the I Internet.  I also have random sharp pains in all different parts of my head lasting seconds like you describe and I told my rheumatologist who arranged for head scans but all was well. I just wanted you to know that it could be just another lupus thing and nothing to worry about as in my case but as others advise it would be sensible to get it checked out. Best wishes


Please DO go and see your Doctor-even if it's to prove this 'Old Man' wrong.  You see I suspect, just a 'feeling' really, that this could be indicating something more.  Please prove me wrong-honestly I won't mind, at all!

Too late for 'Happy Easter', maybe?.....Oh Happy Easter anyway!


Definitely bra to the Drs, they may have identified the cause but they have not offered a treatment plan. Personally I would book an appointment and keep a diary of symptoms and bad days to show them. I have fibro and unfortunately so does my neighbour so I have lots of chats with her. She has migraines which are treated separately from her fibro so there must be a way forward for you. In my experience you have to push it sometimes other wise everything is lumped together as fibro.

No way should you be left in such pain.

Best wishes

Patrick x

I hoped everyone realised I meant back not bra to the Drs! 


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Hi Hartly I didn't but it made my day I couldn't stop laughing Spoon39 

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It's the way I tell em! Lol

Ask your dr for Vit b12 ,folate,ferritin,iron ,vit d levels chelated .magnesium ,salmon oil is helpful for migraines.Sweats ,nausea..head,neck,shoulder,back are all symptoms.If Vit b12 is < 450 you need supplements now.

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