Why is every symptom put down to Fibromyalgia !

Every time I have had an ailment it seems to have been put down to Fibro,until xrays, dexa scans or other tests have proved other conditions.I have was told on Monday,we are now lokking at cancer.To say I was gogsmacked is an understatement.Whatever happened to bedside manners and compassion.Yes we have to be informed but there are better and more humane ways of giving this kind of info.Having more tests next Friday.Fingers crossed it gets sorted,for my husband and families sake.

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  • So sorry sweetheart!!! What symptom were you having that the doctor put of to Fibromyalgia? Hope you get good news!!!

  • I was referring to past consultations.I have been diagnosed with other conditions over the years.

  • Sparky, so sorry to hear you have been given that diagnosis.

    I know what you mean about most complaints bring put down to Fibro. I know it seems to have So many "tentacles" but it would be nice to have drs treat a new problem as a problem and not just brush it off as another symptom of Fibro.

    This week will not be an easy one for you waiting for more tests. Xo

  • Thank you for your response - I am keeping everything crossed

  • been going to gp for 5 weeks blood in urine each time,even hosp testing showed blood,i am an ex nurse so think maybe I know too much.will keep positive though.Thank you for your reply

  • My GP does the same everything is due to the fibro I have had swelling Ian my collarbone area for about 3 mths now my GP said was fatty tissue but haven done research I fear it is something worse .. No where to turn to .. I hope all works out well and u make a good recovery but yea a bombshell like that could and should have been handled better xxxxx

  • Thank you for your reply.and yes it could have been put more sensitively.

  • sorry you have been given this diagnosis it is going to seem along week for you waiting until friday for more tests sending gentle hugs will keep everything crossed for you.xx

  • Thank you so much for your hugs.

  • Hi!! You hang in there! !! Soo praying for you. Please breathe, some people are just WRONG. Im sorry you've had to deal with this attitude as well. xoxo Julie.

  • Thank you Julie.When you get past 65years of age,the medical proffesion think you don't have any feelings.Believe me I do have feelings.

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