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So nice to know there's people out there but same time horrable cause i know how u all feel


Hi there im not good at writing as ive been told by the US sites so going to keep it short. im new hear so hello everyone. ive been suffering all over cronic pain for 9 months now. Started burning pain in stomach radiated to my back now its all over legs arms fingers feet feel like i walk on back feels like it want to snap in half. lots of tests MRI on my spinal cord, gastroscopy, x-ray on tummy. im so tired sleep all time. Have hot sweat's. Im bit scared to be honest on what symptoms come next.and what will happen if thay do not find anything. will thay right it of as depression. I have a 7 year i carnt hardly drive struggling so much making me so down. i have not lost weight witch is good thing.but ive put it on. i use to be so active now i can not hardly move. what can i do to lose weight or maintain i use comfort food to make me feel beter its works for a few hours please any ideas would be lovely to hear from you. sorry about the writing

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Hi sparklenblue and welcome to the site.Sorry you are suffering all this painHave the doctors any idea what might be causing it? Its much more difficult I always think if you dont know what you are up against.Have you been to a pain clinic many people find they help alot.? You are bound to feel low with all this going on.Do you have family and friends you can talk to and offer some support? I can understand how you feel chronic pain is difficult to live with.What about a slimmimg club or dietician to help with the weight gain.My mum comfort eats and a slimming club has taught her tricks to help deal with this.I notice you have hot sweats and I wondered if you could be in the menopause or perhaps you could get your thyroid tested.I dont have any medical knowledge but I can understand how you feel.Dont worry about writing its fine.sending a x

Sorry you have been suffering, its so hard without a proper diagnosis , keep trying to get to the cause of the pain its a step towards healing, hope you have a more successful day tom and you might get some pain free moments.

I understanding how frustrating it it and how lonely it can be.


Do you take any medication? Drugs cause many problems, as well as helping too. Could be side effects I have had some awful ones myself.

Hi Sweetheart, I know how you feel. Go to a pain clinic and also get tested for fibromyalgia. The pain clinic made my life at least bearable. I pray you find some answers as that's the hardest part. Also I know this sounds crazy but look at your finger nails. Count the half moons at your cuticle and how many do you have? I have 3 out of 10 and they are small. I once read that it's a sign of fibromyalgia. Hope this helps and you get some relief very soon. xxxx Mitzi

Hi thankyou all so much for u kind email. P1pp1ns in not sure if i could metaphor as of my age 31 ill ask about thyroid not sure thay tested for that. When i was in hospital as went cause my bk and leg were in agony my fingers felt so saw like i broken them and burning tummy and felt like i walked on broken glass thay said it is a nerve problem but have to get to bottom off why.. Fem369 i am taking tremodol and gabipentan. Do u think that would have a affect? And sarahjd i am just very hard and as i use to 4 years ago suffer from depression in really worried thay will write it of as that. Thankyou guys again :):):)

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Hi yes burning pain is often nerve pain.i have it in my feet and find pregablin much better than gabapentin might be worth asking your doctor x

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I have similar issues to you and have been on gabapentin and I have been changed to pregabalin and although not great it is better for me.

Hi there is that what you have i feel for you cause i hear its not a nice illness atall. So in some ways i do hope i don't but at least it will help as u say i think this is making things worse as i could just get on with my life the best way i could. Do you know the best way i can do this as not sure there is one in my area Catterick north Yorkshire will i have to be referred. Thanks again :)

That's strange i have counted them i have 2 that's if i am looking for right thing thankyou for tip i will defo bare that in mind :)

Thankyou for that i will ask him everyone is been really helpfull :)

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Your welcome, my GP admitted they give gabapentin first because it is cheaper than pregablin.Main thing though is to keep trying for a proper diagnosis x

Your symptoms sound like nerve pain and its hard to determine the cause often. I would see an allergist, endocrinologist, and hematologist just to be sure. Nortriptyline worked well for my nerve pain as does a magnesium supplement, lots of water, high protein diet,walking,stress reduction, and please address your depression with a therapist that works with people in chronic pain. All of us living with it experience bouts of depression naturally, were in pain almost all the time but it makes the pain worse so don't ignore it. Eat healthy too it makes a difference when your trying to heal your'll be ok

Hi there thankyou again for your response. I will mention also to the doctor about changing meds, seeing different doctors but its funding so i don't sopose he will. but he has put me into see a gastrologist witch i personly think is not my tummy altho it started in tummy with the burning pain. There was something else round the same time as i started with the symptoms i went on ebay to order a e-cigarette as am trying to stop smoking. When product came i ordered a black one i got a silver one. As i was in hurry to stop smoking i started to use it. Anyhow i went bk on line to give them a poor score only to find the company had deleted themself from the site i thort was strange. When the product came there was no invoice and it was hand written on the envelope so i am thinking it was from someone privet. So strange again. I read the bottle it said beawear toxic. So i took the product to nhs hosbital and thay said may not be that but don't rule it out just yet. Like a ding i threw out the bottle. Do u think this could have anything to do with it if so im not sure how i would find out what was in the liquid. I am properly just reading into it to much but cause of pain i am in just want answers. Sorry to be a pain thanks again :-)

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