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Hip pain = No getting away in our motorhome


It's half term and we had planned to get away, but the osteoarthritis has stopped that. After seeing a consultant in August the pain has got worse. Did think it was all in my head but gp has added morphine patches to my pain management so I'm not going mad. Anyway on Sunday my hip locked up completely as I was pottering around the house and since then I can't get the pain under control hence the cancelled holiday.

Any advice I've tried all lotions and potions to rub in and take 4 prescription pain meds. Also tried hot and cold compresis, baths, swimming and Jacuzzis. Feeling very old, unless and keep crying and not looking forward to going back to work.

Sorry for the long moan, my husband doesn't know how to help, even though he's taken on most of the cooking, shopping and housework which I feel really guilty about. I'm on a very steep spiral into depression again.

I'll stop now otherwise this will just go on and on. P.S writing this has focused me. Time to put a stop to this, time to focus on good things in life.

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Hi, have you tried Arnica oil? I know people with similar symptoms and it does help them a bit. Take care

I wonder if rather than your hip joint locking up it might actually be the muscles around the hips going into spasm because they are having to work so hard to hold things together (or apart!) Have you ever been to an osteopath? Some GP surgeries have them now, working along side physios. That might be worth a try.

Hi thank you for your reply.

I do 4 or more lots of physio a day exercises to strengthen the muscles so they are strong for post op recovery. Also try to walk as much as I can as well as trying to stay as active as I can without over doing it.

I was very frustrated when I wrote the post yesterday, It's helped having others who understand x

I hope the physio exercises are helping. I had a bit of a problem with the one I was given. After 8 months they didn't seem to be working so I stopped doing them, and the pain went away!

I do 10 different exercise, what was the exercise you did. I'm will to try anything.

The physio told me to do bridges and clams. It hurt my knees when I did them and my hip pain wasn't getting any better. When I stopped doing them my hip pain got better and my knees stopped hurting!

Then a while later I was reading an article by someone known as The Fibro Guy and he has this to say about clams and bridges youtu.be/c6PBtavkQb0

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