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Stuck between a rock and a hard place


I've been in Cronic pain since an RTA in 1984, that damaged my lower spine with new problems propping up as the years have passed.

Use a wheel chair for mobility, spend a lot of time in bed to ease the pain.

Spondylitis on my neck that presses on nerves means numbness on my left side, and very often the same symptoms of having a heart attack.

I've been on very strong pain killers for many years, they take the edge off the pain.

Just fallen again and feels like I've broken a rib or two, no big deal the real problem is that if I take my full quota of painkillers the ends of my fiingures start to rot. So I'm stuck to much pain or the skin splitting away from my fingure nails swollen and painful to touch.

Just feel a bit stuck, not been feeling up to going to see the doctor, theirs not much he can do anyway.

So any suggestions?

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I'm sorry you are in so much pain, I'm the same.

Could your Dr refer you to pain management? What pain meds are you on? Please take care Lynne

Tourk in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your kind words. I've done the pain management thing. If I could take the painkillers I've been prescribed thjngsvwpuld bebz lot easier.

I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem with their figures starting go rot due to too many painkillers for the body to handle "over such a long time".

You are right I need to see my doctor been putting it off for far to long.

I'm sorry. Have you tried cbd oil and tumeric to help?With your original rta, was there any surgery mentioned to help?

Tourk in reply to Amk31

Hi amk31 thank you for getting back to me, having some support really helps.

yes I use a mix in an e- cigarette. I find it stops the left side of my face from feeling numb and as if its dropped.

I tried the oil very expensive and using it long turm effected my mood. Forgetful frustrated is not being able to think clearly. It did help though, but I would rather or at least try to be a reasonable person to be around lol.

Cannabis works the best for the pain, but their again only occasional use seams to work the best for me

Amk31 in reply to Tourk

No problem. Im having a bad day with the pain. I really see no point some days. Only 31 and i am like if i am in this pain like what does the future hold.


I feel for you you do other pain management heat .TENS or anti inflammatory gels etc or has it all become ineffective 😩..anyway .theres a helpline on here somewhere for pain can search ..


What's happened. should call doctor ... I have to control my breathing cos rib hurts...awful...pain ...we need strength. .it's a battle 😕

Tourk in reply to Hidden

It certainly is a battle. Broken ribs aren't so bad when your in pain with other things. As you say breath shallow and take it easy.

I try not to let things get to me, it's better to laugh then cry. Lol

Besides reading on here some of the things people have to go through I feel I'm quite lucky .

Have been meaning to go see the doctor since February, it's always I'll do if next week, I'll feel up to it then. I'm do bad lol

Hidden in reply to Tourk

I know how that feels ..I waited a year to feel well enough to go GP. ...your positive considering. ..I have neck crushing pain's a game changer ... keep up your routine..your fingers I've never heard of it. ...always something 😎🙏

So sorry for your pain. I lived with back pain for years - and my husband is a chiropractor!! A friend told me about a product called BEMER. I used hers a few times. So glad I did. My discomfort is gone. I use it every day. Would love to tell the world about it and I know there are millions out there who need it.

Tourk in reply to JoJoJerseyGirl

Never hurd bemer I'll look it up and see. Glad it worked for you. Pain is the unseen destroyer. One of the hardest or most frustrating things about long-term pain is their is nothing to show for it. No hudge resource swelling as search. And of course back pain is classed as the great skiver. "Unless you've had it of course."

I was quiet relieved when I was diagnosed with spondylitis, the damage to my lower spine does look to bad just a few discs.

JoJoJerseyGirl in reply to Tourk

I hear you. I had to use a walker for a while and I'm not that old (was about 58). Now I'm back to all my activities again! Here's a website for you

I loved the results so much I started selling them but please don't let that stop you from investigating yourself. I'm an open person and I wanted to let you know.

Tourk in reply to JoJoJerseyGirl

$6,000 ? Sounds more of a business opportunity more than a health solution.

I am open minded crystals etc but when a product coasts that much I've always found that it's more about making money for rather dubious companies more than any health benefit.

Thank you for your input.

If you know of a free trial going I would love to be proved wrong.

Hi Tourk. I would agree with you on principle. But not this product/company! It's received 5 worldwide patents on the technology, has hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies in a number of different countries. It's being used in thousands of hospitals, clinics neo-natal units, and private practices in 43 countries around the world. AND was approached by NASA to form a partnership to put the BEMER technology in the next generation space suit. A prototype of the fabric has already been created and is being used in the form of the newest BEMER horse model. It's been scientifically proven many times over to improve circulation, oxygenation and venous blood return by up to 30%, which is more than double any other competitor. It helps the body heal itself better than any other stand alone product and without any negative side effects. This product is a scientific breakthrough and has no real competitor in this price bracket, nor perhaps in any price bracket for that matter.

Trials may be available depending where you live, but for all the reasons above, I think you can appreciate why they are not free.

Let me know if I can help.

Tourk in reply to JoJoJerseyGirl

I hear what your saying, but theirs no need for it to be so expensive. Production costs a couple of hundred dollars at most. If it really does work so well it's unfair to exclude all but the wealthiest from being treated.

It's the Indian life saving drug thing. Costs a few rupees in India but by the time it gets to America it's over $1,000 not including administration charges from the hospital.

I care about people and hate to them "and myself", exploited.

Is their some kind of special rare metal or something included in the mat that can justify the cost?

JoJoJerseyGirl in reply to Tourk

You can't talk about cost with talking about value. I'm walking again without pain, I literally feel 10 years younger, it reversed my bone density loss, and significantly improved the quality of life for my elderly parents. It's worth it weight in gold to me.

The machine will last well over 10 years. If just 2 people use it, it costs less than $1 / day. I'm worth a dollar a day investment in my future.

By the way, you may be surprised to learn that per capita it sells best in poorer countries because they can't afford good doctors and hospitals so they "stay healthier" and minimize needing them.

If you break a leg and a doctor resets it for you why does that cost tens of thousands? The operation takes an hour and you have plaster on your leg.

This device was invented and designed by doctors and research scientists. Not that much different a scenario.

Lastly, they have a $4200 model as well.

A dollar a day for ten years, for a machine that costs under $60 to make. Bargain lol

I'm not against making a profit but talk about exploiting people's suffering to new levels.

That's right up their with that dodgy priest that claimed god said he should only fly on private jets ..

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