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you may not want them, you can really have them,

Well I found out that they are going too put me on medications that I would prefer not to have, my doctor feels that the benefits of the medication can be cancelled out by their contra-indications, my last specialist did not want me to have them. Where do I go from here

These meds are or can be carsnegenic.I suppose I will just have to carry on and keep taking the tablets I will find out what the want me too do next week

I suppose I should be flattered that they want to give this med to me and I am worth it, and NICE agrees. I seem to be in a hard place and need to show a positive willingness to what is going on, sometimes you feel that you just want to be left alone. Even when you just do not want too walk, just rest


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I've refused all meds that are either addictive, dangerous or they don't know how I'll be on them. Not just for me, but when my children were younger I didn't want anything dangerous that I had been prescribed in the house that they might take. No matter how carefully you hide them, they might come accross them.

There is no point at all taking something for pain (I don't know your condition) and ending up with cancer. The NHS is supposed to be reducing problems, getting people off medication, not causing side effects that are worse than the original problem in the first place.

You do have a choice. Don't be pressured into what they think is best. Ask for a bit of time to think about it. Get your hands on the research papers, any publications since relating to that medication from a patient point of view. There may be other side effects that are less dangerous than cancer, but could be harder to live with.

One day the drug companies will wake up to the fact that they can't keep piling a load of chemicals into us, we are just not built to process them. That day will be when too many people refuse to use their products.

I really don't know how that drug got passed to be used as a treatment. I used to work in the NHS, and one poor lady was on 32 different medications, only 4 treated her actual condition, the rest treated the side effects, and the side effects of the side effects.

Better to know your enemy, your original condition, than throw in a whole new set of unknowns.

Surely if your drs and cons can't agree then that's a clear sign not to take it.

Not an easy decision, but please find more info before you decide.


Sometimers drugs can offer a better quality of life free from pain and suffering , but yes sruds can carry risks


What is the medication?


I absolutely agree with Zanna. I have seen my Mother with severee asthma cos of NSAIDS. Actually many tablets take away pain only for the person to use the limbs cos they are not in pain and be worse off then someone who paces life. They can give nothing to me cos of allergies though I would gladly have a painkiler sometimes. If a tabelt can give you cancer why? My husband has cancer of the btreast cos of CT scans. GP says "well we did cure you of heart problems and GB problems"......yes but......... There are many I know who have leukaemia cos of too many x-rays. Zanna is right. Read research, read self help groups and so on and only take what you feel comfortable with. You must have doubts else you would not have posted this. YOU are in control of your body unless you are in a coma.


The medication concerned is in the group what is called -TNF it is a desease modifying drug.

My condition is called skin and joint psoriasis that effects small joints like fingers toes etc, eventually it effects hips spine knees and all joints in between. One of the conditions that you can get is it begins too effect the shieves of the tendons.

The desease also effects the skin, and mental health. Psoriasis is in the immune system and is genetic in origins .

I have done all the research, Iam in my 60s I feel that if I was younger fair enough, the doctors considered this med years ago and did not give it to me because of the contra indications. of dmards the other group of drugs.

One treatment is too give both groups together. they are very potent drugs



It's so difficult to decide what to do in this circumstance. As a registered nurse and a veteran patient (haha) it's hard, I've recently been through the same thing. My g.p. wanted to start me on a medication that had some serious side effects, I tried the meds and decided that the benefits didn't out way the side effects (for me). Is there an option to trial the meds first? See if the medication works? Will it actually reduce the psoriasis of the joints? Is that why the carcinogenic medication is recommended? (I haven't worked for a while so my medical knowledge is a little rough (",)


Hello Roisinfinch

Over the last thirty years I have had some very strong meds in the group DMARD, and NSID, it took an age to get the right NSID, now I am on the only one my body will take without contraindications.

Over the same period I have taken all of the DMARDS in the book, and now they want me to have Methotrexate as injection if I do not take The -TNF..

In the past they even thought to give both meds together, although the old specialist I had steered me away from both. Over the last ten months I have had three specialists from out of UK and I feel they feel they must do something. I took the last DMARD just before christmas, it was the last on the list so I find myself in this very unpleasant place. as the last made me ill as I knew they would, they said to go through the bases. even the tests they take become onerous

I suppose it will sort out soon it is going in front of commitee and I will get to know what they want too do from the nurse specialist then. in two weeks time I have just recovered from the last one.

All the best BOB


read this it may be helpful

FEATURES: Trial sans Error: How Pharma-Funded Research Cherry-Picks Positive Results [Excerpt]

Clinical trial data on new drugs is systematically withheld from doctors and patients, bringing into question many of the premises of the pharmaceutical industry—and the medicine we use


Hello Johnsmith

Just looked in scientific american report pharma.

What muddy waters we swim.



It's a wonder anyone takes any drug given the lists of potential side effects.

Don't be pressured into taking it if you don't feel happy about it. I have decided that with any medication I am prescribed in future I will take it ont he condition that it's for a trial period and that I can stop taking it if it's not helping or making other things worse. When I've discussed this with doctors they are usually fine with it.


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