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I have been diagnosed with scoliosis which means I have pain in my lower back, down right leg plus both feet have pins & needles.

I have had various injection, pain killers and last December Lumbar decompression surgery non of which has helped, still painful when I walk or stand.

I have also had physical therapy, acupuncture and at present seeing an Osteopath [3visits] but no improvement to date.

Waiting to got to NHS pain clinic but it's a long waiting list and will not be until March/April.

Any suggestions please

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Hi spursboy welcome, have you tried gabberpentin or pregabilin works for me to reduce pain when you have chronic pain it's learning bhow to manage it and what makes it worse , I know has I have cervical myelopathy had acdf C4 C5 just to stop it getting worse I have problems with lumbar but it's coming from neck I have all them symptoms not nice also amytriptiline is supposed to be ok I had to come of kept going in to retention side effects good luck mate

Hi spursboy

I will refrain from mentioning the 1987 cup final. Oops.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis too along with a few other things and have also had surgery (1 lumbar laminectomy and 1 cervical laminectomy). I was left with a lot of muscle loss, lack of control of my left foot, pain (lots of that), loss of balance more pain, painful feet / toes etc.

It was caused by a series of discs prolapsing, 2 of which were particularly bad and caused the surgery to relieve pressure on spinal cord. Why the discs went is another thing.

At the time I had a series of nerve ganglion root block injections into the roots of the nerves as they branch off from the spine. They helped.

I was left unable to stand up unsupported and with constant sciatic pain in both legs from buttocks down to feet. At that point I started seeing a Personal Trainer at a gym who is skilled in recovery from injury. This has been the single most important thing to help my recovery, without a shadow of a doubt. I have been going for about 2 1/2 years now, about 3 times a week. Not always with a PT as it gets a bit expensive, but she still oversees what I do. I do some cardio (warm up) and then resistance / weights / core / Pilates type of thing. Lots of stretches and using a roller on sore muscles.

It has helped with pain, mobility and balance - all of which were things I wanted to improve. I am also pretty sure that if I hadn’t done it, not only would my mobility and balance still be as bad as they were, but I would quite likely have done some more damage to my back or had another (more serious) fall.

I can’t recommend it enough. But I would definitely get advice, unless you’re already very knowledgeable about exercise, anatomy etc.

All the best.


See an Alexander Teacher and see what they can offer.

Massage to reduce muscle spasms could be of help.

About 12 months ago there was a decent article in WDDTY ( google it ) about scoliosis. Could be worth a look.

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