Getting nowhere fast

I had Decompression Surgery in 2010 for leg pain both legs and numb feet which was Affecting my Ability walking so had to start using a stick due to the decompression Surgery i am left with cysts on the 4th and 5th lumbar facet joints which are Extremely painful but you have to get on with it sent to the part time I have to say pain clinic in the island waiting list Extremely long have had one Appointment in 18 Months which i was given Epidural injections which gave me some relief for about a week have been back and forth to my gp trying to find someone with regards to Surgery to remove the cysts no help at all not blaming her its the system thats failing for an operation that is pretty Straight forward no go any where i dont know what is worse the pain or the Frustration at not being able to get the Surgery anyway time for me to stop ranting on

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  • You rant as much as you like - we all do!

    Where are you? Did I hear you say the Island?

    Pat x

  • Hi yes isle of man

  • keep on going and nagging your consultant/gp its taken me over 2 years to get an appointment with orthopedic surgeon about my back, have had 2 ruptured discs both operated on and have a unstable spine due to degenerative discs. don't give up, if possible get your gp to refer you out of your area, you might find you get an appointment. your also entitled to have a second referal.

    hope this helps a bit

  • Yes thank you i will try after the dust settles from this mornings vist and those blank faces they give you hope you have Success with yours sometimes i think the Frustration is worse than the pain

  • I had lumber decompresion on all 4 levels in 2005 had 4 epidurals over about 12 months (which did help for a very short period). facets injections and steroid injections( with side affects ) the only thing that helped me with pain relief is accupuncture, been having it now for about 4 years(keeps me sane). Doctors trying to get me to have fixation, I have been told this is not the way to go by a private consultant orthopaedic surgeon.I have now been put on morphine which helps stops the pain but makes you a bit distant.

  • Thanks for your reply bunndy yes i have Considered Acupuncture but as yet not used it will have to try it at the moment i have to say a tens machine is my saving grace sometimes its not just the pain its the Balance and walk that drives me mad indoors isn't a problem its outdoor uneven ground as you said Epidural injections had some last November for a week thought i had new legs no pain and the Strength back in my legs but lasted about a week

  • Start acupuncture on monday going with an open mind if it works to some Degree that will be good if it doesn't have to rethink and back to the drawing board

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