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Weird groin pain

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Hi I'm having a bit of a rough time I am hypothyroid an vitamin d deficient , I am constantly not well or in pain or contracting the latest illness going around .i visited my doctor last week with chest pain,neck pain, arm tingling an excruciating pain in my shoulder blade ( all on the left side) I struggle with pain on a daily basis but this had me worrying a little , my daughter actually booked me the appointment as I don't generally like to visit doctors unless I have too,so my doctor concluded it was muscle pain an prescribed me some co-codomol.. anyway later that night I started with pain in my left groin area round my back ,the pain radiated down to my knee cap, an it makes me feel quite sickly ,the pain takes my breath away when I'm trying to get around ( which I can now only do with a stick to lean on) and is total agony ,it's been 5 days now an my pain seems to be getting worse ( my shoulder pain is alot better) for 1 I don't wanna see a doctor because they will probs just say it's muscle pain (when in my gut I know something's not right ) 2 I really dont fancy hobbling into a doctors office ,I actually don't think my body could handle the short walk ,an I feel like I'm gona fall an been having a lot of lightheadedness even before this anyone ever experience anything like this ?

Any advice is appreciated

11 Replies
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I know you say you don't want to go in to see the GP, but I don't think anyone could really diagnose what is going on from here.

What about seeing a physio? The thing is, pain in the groin can indeed just be a pulled muscle, but it can also be all sorts of other things like arthritis related, or a problem in your back or even some other place, because there is something called referred pain, where the cause of the pain is in a different place to where you are feeling the pain.

As for pain relief, could you get into a warm bath? if it is just muscular then that should ease it for a while.

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Denise37 in reply to cyberbarn

I see a physio but my next appointment isn't until November ,might give her a call to see if she can fit me in ,I unfortunately can't get to my bath as it's upstairs :( lucky enough I have a shower down stairs, this pain isn't muscle I don't think it's in my joints an feels deep in my bones , it's hard to explain ,but thankyou I'm going to call my physio now,fingers crossed she can see me 🤞

Hi Denise .

How severe is the Vitamin D deficiency? What dose of Colecalciferol (D3) tablets were you prescribed? Did you start with the high Loading Dose for several weeks. What is your most recent blood test result? You could Google search the NICE guidelines for treatment of Vitamin D deficiency. Also Google 'NHS choices - symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency '

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Denise37 in reply to Mary-intussuception

Hi my most recent results was 5 I'm on a 15 day course of 20,000 iu colecalciferol then 1 a month when completed the 15 days , this is my 2nd 15 day course in the last few months on my last blood test result it was 10 so even after my 15 day course my vitamin d has dropped to 5 I've never heard of the NICE guidelines before so I will give them a look thank you :)

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Mary-intussuception in reply to Denise37

Your Levothyroxine needs your nutrients at a good level to work well for you.


Such severe Vitamin D deficiency is possibly responsible for much of your pain and symptoms anyway. No wonder you have been so unwell. Hopefully this will improve soon. When you are retested (essential ) and your Vitamin D is up then you will stay on a prescribed daily maintenance dose of between 800 IU & 2000 IU ? Query this with doctor if not followed up. Don't stop taking VitD.


Ask for referal to Endocrinologist? ? You are unwell - not yet stable on Levothyroxine so you can ask for referal.

Also remember to Google :

NHS choices - symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

Keep in touch & hope you feel better over the coming weeks. x

Hi again

I've just re-read your post. Would you mind me asking what strength co-codamol you were prescribed?

It's just that you had a lot of new symptoms after you started them and as you probably know codeine causes constipation and can stop bowel movements which can cause pain & other problems.

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Denise37 in reply to Mary-intussuception

500 I think they actually made me vomit that night because I took them after my amitriptyline which I take at night to help with the nerve pain ( but doesn't help) doctor said they was fine to take together 🤷🏻‍♀️I've had this groin pain before ( but never so bad an for as long or as debilitating ) so don't think it was them , but I did have some stomach pains 🤔

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Mary-intussuception in reply to Denise37

No, 500 is the mgs of the paracetamol. Cocodamol are 8/500 or 15/500 or 30/500. If you take the 15's or 30's you are guaranteed constipation and should take Lactulose medicine morning and evening. GP can prescribe. I think they should always prescribe Lactulose with Cocodamols - especially the strengths 15 or 30mg. You could also ask for Fybogel orange Sachets to take at night. Codeine can cause nausea & stomach pain , you should also drinking extra water whilst on them.

I only take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen due to bowel conditions.

If you are able to take Ibuprofen then they should work well with the cocodamol. Taking the 2 cocodamols then food or milk & biscuit then 200mg to 600mg Ibuprofen after 20 - 30 minutes can give good short term pain relief.

I would still want investignition for the pain though.

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Hi, I've just come across your post.

I have lower back flexibility issues, left side shooting pains, left knew pain, coccyx pain and occasionally right shoulder pain. I went to see a physio / mobility / movement specialist that said my lower back is inflamed so my upper back compensates on the alternating sides hence shoulder pain. He's also said as my lower back is all fixed and won't rotate causing my coccyx pain. It's made my piriformis and glutes (hip and bum muscles) tight trapping nerves going to the knees. So he's doing massage, mobility exercises with core exercise to get my front stronger so my lower back can loosen a bit.

Have a look at a mobility physio rather than a standard physio as they will be able to look at your lower back - the back is super strong which is good until this stuff happens then it stiffens to protect itself. I didn't like my standard physio as she treated each thing separately. My new physio made the link to all the stuff in like 10 mins.

Hope that helps.

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I've been seeing my physio for 4 months and as u said she's still doing individual assessments hasn't even got to my back yet , as I suffer many areas , but thankyou for the advise defo going to look into a mobility physio :)

Hope you have a speedy recovery

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In my situation I got sent to a specialist. They determined the pain is coming from the spine where all the nerves are causing my proble.s in addition to the discs being worn down. I have one worn down snd one bulging g a little. After all the time I spent there they want me to use a cane because they dont think surgery is the route go to yet.

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