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Hi everyone! I'm Linda, I just joined today. I have had chronic pain since I was about 10 years old. When I was 42 I finally had lower back surgery because my pain was going down my right leg and I could hardly walk and still had small children at home. A few years later I had surgery on my cervical spine. I still suffer from chronic pain. And I don't take narcotic pain medication anymore. I stopped after 10 years. I am still in chronic pain, just have to deal with it differently now.

I hope you all are doing well!

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God Bless

Welcome cocoa.

We all talk about our pain and everyone gives great advice on here.

I have l5-s1 compression resulting in pain and sciatica. It come it goes?

Comes more the goes lol.

I have good osteo wear a lumbar belt and do alot of yoga which helps , i do not take anything apart from some

Paracetmol every now and again but i have been given gabapentin but im to scared to take lol.

Welcome to the site

Hi cocoa welcome like you I have chronic back pain did the lower back surgery ease your problem and if you aren't on opiates what do you do to ease your pain

Cocoa51 in reply to Lizzylily

I suffer through it.


Hi welcome

Hi Linda sorry to hear you are in chronic pain. Have your surgeries helped at all i am also concerned about how you manage your pain. All the best.


Cocoa51 in reply to Lolarufus123

Neither surgery fixed my pain. Except for removing the pain in my leg. I don't manage my pain, I try to avoid doing things that cause my back to hurt. When I am in pain, I grin and bear it.


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