How good is Pregabalin??

Dear all...ive just started taking pregabalin had been suffering with severe headaches for past 6 weeks...was fobbed of for 6 weeks with 'Tension Migraine'....etc etc..however have now been told u have 3 trapped nerves in your neck...hence the H.A's for weeks...havent do that be able to lie down Q good is this Pregabalin?will it give me my life bak?

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  • Pregabalin is good and it works for me. Just up the dose slowly to reduce the side effects.

    It may take a bit of time to work but you need to find the dose that suits you. it may take a bit of time to find out whether it does up to 4 -6 weeks but work with your gp or ask to be referred to your pain service in your area. It is not an instant fix so persevere with it

    I hope this helps.

  • Be prepared for a large weight gain, my wife has and another person reported a gain of 3 stone in 3 months

  • I asked a similar question recently:


    I have been taking pregabalin for about a month now, and it has not been effective for me, sadly.

  • what were u taking it for..(if u dont mind me asking) taking for ? trapped nerves in to see occupation health...but i cannot sleep...or sit for long..this pain is so bad..i would gladly have my teeth extracted without any numbing drugs!!!going back to Doctors...but how i miss a 'normal' day/sleep...Mmmm if i could have a wish....have you asked for your pregabalin to be increased in dosage amount??..hope like me you get some respite and conclusion to this...keep strong..(easy said than done) a crazy way i do get some solace knowing that others are like me....One will be over.....and we can smile again...

  • I was given pregabalin but found they made me very sleepy, I now take gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day and they are working great for me. Hope you get a break from the pain soon.

  • I have been taking pregabalin for three months , 200mgs daily and it seems to work. A t First I was taking 300mgs but found this too much, felt a bit spaced out, and not feeling safe to drive. But I do think for my back pain, that had me in hospital for twelve days, this seems to be the answer.

  • Hi I have been on 75mg of Pregabalin and it did not work after my recent visit ti the Pain Clinic this was increased to 100 mg x 3 times daily also i was given a Tens machine with 4 blue padds this has helped with the severe pain that is in both of my legs so yes Pregabalin has worked for me. I hope that it works for you as well.

  • Pregabalin did not help my wifes pain, but she did put on a lot of weight in the six months and specialist said this is normal and prescribed some thing else.

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