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Pregabalin + naproxen


I have been taken Pregabalin 75mg. Twice a day for almost 3 years it was working good until few months ago..So now I’m taking 150mg twice a day plus naproxen 500mg just want to now how long i can take the combination of Pregabalin+ naproxen and if someone have had a bad experience taking this two together ..Thanks

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Hi there, I used to take both but I had to stop the Naproxen as I started to bleed and developed ulcerative colitis. I still take the Pregablin for nerve pain which it helps.

Maryhf in reply to Beehole

Thank you! For how long you took the naproxen before you bleed?

Beehole in reply to Maryhf

It wasn't very long but i would say six weeks , remember everyone is different on certain medication ,what isn't working for me could for you.

I now take zapain instead of naproxen as I found naproxen gave me very bad stomach cramps

Hi there.

I have been taking gabapentin every day for nerve pain. I top this up quite regularly with naproxin up to 1000mgs a day. So far I feel or have not had any side effects stomach wise. I am however on omeprazole for another stomach complaint and always always take the naproxin after a meal. Maybe that and the omeprazole help protect me. However I do gave a family member who was put on naproxin for some pain and was later rushed to hospital from a peptic ulcer bleed. You have to be very careful. Any change in feeling down there, go yo your gp, stop the naproxin until you know its OK. You could technically bleed to death. Take care.

Ducky22 in reply to cj75s2017

Goodness aren’t your meds being monitored ? Why not ?

It shocking that you had a gastric bleed and weren’t able to flag up that you were struggling.

What happened to “ our NHS”

Yea, Unfortunately Naproxen and all anti-inflammatory tablets are well known to irritate the stomach producing stomach ulcers in some cases. These tablets, according to medical manuals are more preferred in reducing inflammation in the joints and muscles. The alternative is to revert to opioids to reduce arthritic pain which is less efficient. Why some people have no problem with anti-inflammatories when others do, is beyond me. Good Luck.

My gp prescribed omeprazole to protect my stomach when I was on naproxen for a long time. Had to come off it because my body decided to become allergic to it! I would ask your gp to prescribe something :)

Are you allergic to Nexiam too ? It’s available on the shelf , very good and perhaps ask your doctor ?

Hi there, I have been taking Pregabalin 300mg twice a day and Naproxen 500mg twice a day for nearly 5 years now, and never had a problem. Naproxen you can stop taking and start again when required with no side affects. Completely different story with Pregabalin, that has to be planned with your doctor carefully, a small reduction gradually over months to come off it. If you think the side effects are bad, the withdrawal is 100 times worse,

I have never had a problem taking the two meds together.

Oh thank you so much for letting me know! Don’t think I will needed for so long (naproxen) but is helping me a lot now while I pass this crisis of pain!

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