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Rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis and a heart murmer to boot

Hi all diagnosed with all 3 last November I take methotrexate injection, tramodole ,amytriptolyine,folic acid co.codamal,predisalone, and naproxin. Trying to work out what the hell does what however now been told that rheumatoid arthritis can shorten your life expectancy by upto 40%can anyone advise pls

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Gary124, it's Fancy1959 back. I replied to the first post you put in about this. You need to pose your questions about arthritis to an arthritis specialist. Of course your heart murmur to a heart doctor. I'm not certain what kind of information our MS chat room here can provide you since we specialize in MS and in MS related problems. I'm certain there are people in our chat room that also deal with arthritis but it's not a common topic in our chat room. Take care and good luck finding out the information you desire. Fancy.


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