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Arthritis and inflammation

Hi I am in pain 24/7 and have been for about 27 or so years. There are days that are so bad I could just step off the world.i have tried all meds for pain even morphine. Morphine helped with getting a little sleep but didn't want to get hooked on itso I don't take it now either. I control the pain the best I can with my mind. I will be trying a natural mixture to help control the inflammation and maybe some of the pain.i will let you all know how it goes

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Please do let us know how it goes. 😜


I have Osteoarthritis I will be most interested to hear about any natural pain relief you find works.


Hi, u r not alone, it all seems so pointless when youre in pain, please dont give up, you dont know your own strength. Chin up. Xxx


Its hard to keep going when pain is 24/7 isnt it? I do mindfulness which doesnt take the pain away but does seem to help me cope. I also try to keep busy with hobbies when my hands let me. I have heard that apple cider vinegar helps with inflammation but must be taken with honey and water. I got some but havent tried it yet. Let us know how you get on. Gentle hugs joolz.x


I was pointed in the direction of natural products when after being given NSAIDs, they took the lining off my stomach and gave me an ulcer.

I researched what a family member told me about high strength Rose Hip and oh boy, they have really helped my arthritis in my hands and wrists.

Also, I was told about a naturally occurring compound called MSM which comes in a powder form which you stir into water and drink. Apart from the Hydroxychloroquine I am on from the rheumatologist, I am on no other pain relief, it has made such a difference. I have a diagnosis of UCTD (lupus spectrum) osteoarthritis, coeliac disease and I am hypothyroid too.

Do your own Google search with your own conditions to see for yourself how these can help you. Private message me if you want brand names.


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I know the feeling I am in constant pain day nd night my pain killers don't work but what can I do I am so tired all the time don't know where to turn to


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