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Two titanium Hip Replacements at 25 due to Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis

Hello, I am now 52 years old and have just had to leave my job due to my left hip in agony when I try to walk. I have had 27 years of being 'normal' as these hip replacements were the best thing that happened to me as my legs were like sticks and were quite stiff before and after my second hip replacement as I found after my first one, my other hip use to lock therefore my surgeon said I had to have this done as well. These were both successful, thanks to the great surgeon: Mr Getty who did these in 1988/1989. I was able to pass my driving test, retook qualifications to get into an office which I have always found work and swim 80-90 lengths then go to the gym and take part in all fitness classes, infact just live a normal life. I only slowed down the last 7 years as couldn't get the time to go to the gym and work which could be my age slowing down and this was only when I started gaining weight. I am overweight but this has not caused my hip to deteriorate although I know weight does not help, this is a vicious circle

I am a dilemma now as I have just heard I have to wait two months to see an orthopaedic surgeon and I am not claiming anything yet although I do need to earn money as I never married and live with just my mum now as lost my dad over two years ago and with mum getting older, I have to move out into a small bungalow and need money to live here.

I have heard you can ring up to get an appointment if one has been cancelled or you go private.

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Thankfully I have phoned the hospital and I have now got it for 8th july so feel much better now

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Cath88 do let us know how you get on. not wishing to pry but did you leave your job voluntarily as you may be able to clam ESa?

Jo x

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I will do Jo, I've myself as your follower, hope you don't mind

I got made redundant last November and just being temping since so I don't get paid sick and will have to sign on the sick now, was looking at pip online and an employment support, the ES you mentioned one too and there is so much, I couldn't afford to print it off but I have saved what I did so at least its all filled in ready for me but think I will ask them to post it me now then as I wasn't sure this was for me. My temporary agency said though I can stay with them and just claim ssp until I know how long I will be off as it was only last Friday when I gave up work and the current contract would only have lasted another 2 weeks but they always get other jobs in so hopefully I will be okay in the future and you will be too

Also, I got an half price offer on Reiki as that's the only reason I went so know what you mean about costs. Thanks! Cath

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after 6 months of sick pay Ii went on half pay and then ssp. I out in a claim for ESA last Sept which was not too daunting and was given contributions based as I didn't qualify for income based because of my husbands salary. this is awarded for 365 days initially so due to finish in sept this year. apparently I'm in the queue for an interview to see if I can carry on getting it depending onn which group they put me in if any. so go for it it's def worth a try hun.

Jo x

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Thanks, I will do now

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If you want any help applying for ESA or PIP just shout

It is not really too difficult honest

Pat x

I had hip replacement in November and not been able to work.

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