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Hi folks, you may remember over last few months I have been fighting to get my PIP and mobility claim overturned.

Well Good news, Today I received a letter giving me my PIP Care allowance and Standard Grade Mobility,

I was on High Rate Mobility old system but when changed lost it , so am now pleased to have proved my point that what I and my Care Resource Aide had put on my forms was true and the Assessor for ATOS Wrong.

So to everyone who has not been successful, do not give up,

I had bought a car after lost my mobility but continued to take case to tribunal on a matter of Principle, I am delighted with the outcome

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  • Well done but you only allowed a car if you are on enhanced rate of mobility.

    Standard rate doesn't count


  • Thank you and Yes I agree with you that enhanced rate allows a car . I was not bothered about getting car, I just wanted to prove my point that what had been said by ATOS assessor was not true. She had stated that I in her opinion I could do things that I clearly could not, also stated wrongly about how I could walk and how well I could walk for a further distance than I could without pain. Also had not as she stated examined my joints. The Panel have agreed with the points and Proof I raised. I have bought myself a car to get about , and am satisfied with the award also I proved my point on principle.

  • Hi Tannie,

    like you I was turned down on the new PIP I had the assessment done at home and when the report came back I contacted them to say that when the "medical professional" had put down was nothing like what my replies were I added that if they want I can supply a copy of the interview as I have cctv cameras at home and have a full recording they just said they will do a second interview but then they tried to get me to go to their centre for the interview it took a lot of calls to get them to do a second one at my home but in the end they did and I went from nothing on both to higher on mobility and standard on help at home. from that I always tell people it is always worth asking for a second interview.

    NG18 2EE

  • My assessor also wrote different things down on my report to what I had said . She also said I sat still and comfortable throughout the interview, that was a lie . I was crying through the whole interview and kept adjusting my seating . I had my mother in law with me too . She asked what size milk I buy I said 4pnt so she put I can lift and carry . I was disgusted .

  • This is where my lady from Carer Resources came in, She helped me no end, demanding full copy of what had been written in assessment, Underlined everything I disputed, phoned them , then filled out complaint and appeal. In fact the afternoon I received the letter saying I had been granted mobility component (be it the standard grade instead of High Grade I had before) I was at appointment with her preparing letter and more discrepancies to send to Tribunal. One of the consultants letter they used was 3 years old, during which time my condition had worsened .

    Like you I was most uncomfortable during assessment, my husband answered a lot of the questions, he had to help me settle as I was at the time going through a bad spell, I had just had hand operation on the Tuesday this was the Friday, Mentally I was shot as had a lot going on with my 94yr old father living with us at the time, He is now in a home.

    I opted for Paper Appeal, as there is no way I could have withstood a day either standing, sitting or facing a barrage of questions, The Panel actually agreed with my decision.

    My Care Resource lady has sat in at one of these tribunals and said she was disgusted the attitude of some of panel.

    I know I have not got my Higher Rate back, but I am pleased I have proved my point that the Assessor had not told truth. This is only reason I carried on,

    Take care

  • I agree, do not sit down and do nothing, Always challenge as truth always prevails

    Take care

  • That is fantastic news so pleased for you . I hope I get the same result with my ESA .

  • great news.

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