I am due for my PIP renewal soon. I get highest rate mobility and highest rate for daily living at the moment which I was awarded for three years. Where it says state if there is no change is it better to do that even though I have a new condition now which makes daily living worse. I am wondering if I am more likely to get it renewed by saying no change or risk saying Ive got a new condition and then having to go through the whole thing again with face to face assessment etc. I hope this makes sense?

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  • Some of my conditions have stayed same and gained more issues but wasn't required to be seen again

  • Thank you very much.

  • Did you tell them about your new issues as well then?

  • Yeah but do be careful as depending who takes your paperwork can be the outcome. With esa you can't add on new conditions but pip you can it's all very odd

    I declared my new conditions but only as they are linked to ongoing health issues

  • Thanks for that., Mine is just PIP not ESA but I get your point about confusion. It all makes for more stress doesnt it,.?

  • Hi Patient I was on Higher Rate Both DLA, for Life, I went for PIP assessment, I was dropped to Standard for both. I Asked for Reconsideration and They upheld their Decision, I appealed The Decision, Again they upheld the decision.

    I Appealed the Decision and went to the tribunal before a judge, a Doctor and some other person.

    The Decision was still upheld.

    I hope you have better luck than I have had.

    But we have only all the people who have not genuinely got disabilities and of course The Con-servative government to blame.

    Wish you my Sincere Good Luck Patient.

  • Awful for you! I was very lucky when changed from DLA to PIP.The Assessor was a Nurse and was very kind and sympathetic so I was awarded highest rate for both but only for 3 years. The renwal is due soon and that is why I am worrying.

  • Hi patient

    If I were you I'd ring citizens advice to ask them whether to give the DWP your change of health for pip renewal!. They'll be able to advise what's best to do. Tel; 03444 111 444.

    It's very stressful dealing with DWP isn't it?. Good luck and I hope it goes well . X

  • Thanks for that. Good idea.

  • I just had my face to face last week as I was up for review and my condition had got worse. While I was talking I explained I had just had my xray and was waiting to know if I had scoliosis. I showed her a print out of the xray and asked should I call pip to let them know the out come of the xray and she explained that if I did they may well want to go through the whole process and face to face again so was best not to. I explained everything at the appointment about how my problems effect me and having the diagnosis doesn't change the points or outcome. As your already on high rate you would not benefit anymore from adding the new condition in as such but one thing she did explain which I thought was crazy . Every wk they get memos about changes ... Yes wkly about the criteria for what means what for point scoring so I asked . So if I come next wk I could get different points based on them changing things all the time . She said yes they are still finding their feet ... I was on low mobility 4 for walking 4 for the planning now I'm at risk of losing mobility due to the new changes effecting mental health when walking is my main issue due to pain and I was instantly given a blue badge via my assessment with my council not even a full assessment . I'm waiting on the results of mine. It's taken 16 wks so far and she said it'll be another 6-8 for results . If I was you I'd steer clear of getting entangled in a full on review and face to face . It's extra worry extra stress and no one knows the rules not even the assessment people .

  • Thank you very much. Very good advice.

  • I will post a link to a webpage, these pip renewals can be problems. Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd. try looking for a guide to filling in these forms. I have chronic illness and condition, yet they fail to give me pip. I have given up trying, yet see others with less effectual conditions driving around in motability vehicles. Must be members of the party. Good luck with your renewal. My blue badge is due at Christmas and I hope its better than last years.

  • My husband had high rate care and mobility, had his renewal and I had put some new conditions and others that had worsened, he had to go to an assessment where they halved his award points and he lost his mobility despite everything worsening, we are currently going through the tribunal stage. He is down £250 a month and has had two years cut off of his award as of now. I have mines coming up and I had an assessment 2 years ago, I am now scared of them doing the same thing to my award.

  • Thanks for that. Its best I say no change then rather than rock the boat. Its awful isnt it how we have to fight for everything. As if being disabled isnt bad enough we have to go through all this all the time. Good luck.

  • Good luck to you too Patient007 x

  • I dont know if you have heard of a site called benefits and work. I used it when changing from dla to pip. They have free guides but to access the whole site for around £15 which i did and it was worth every penny. They might be able to help answer your question.

    take care 😊

  • Thanks for that but I have retired and on state pension so the work part doesnt apply to me.

  • Hi

    the site is called benefits and work but its about benefits predominantly, it might include work but i have used it only for benefit advice so far. I recently sent the link to a friend in the same situation as you and she couldn't believe how useful it was. If you look up the guide to PIP on the site page 80 tells you all about the renewal process. It's also has a forum and if you don't find the answer on this site it might be worth asking on that site.

    Good luck

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