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Talking points for Airing Pain episode on pain in cancer survivors - what would you like to hear?

In March of this year, we will be producing and releasing a podcast covering the topic of pain in cancer survivors. Approximately 5% to 10% of people who have survived cancer experience chronic severe pain.

Paul Evans, our producer and presenter, will be speaking to cancer pain experts Dr Paul Farquhar-Smith and Professor Lesley Colvin.

We thought we would reach out to you and ask; what would you like to know? What issues would you like to be explored in this episode? What concerns do you have in regards to this topic?

Of course, the interview can't get too specific and address everyone's questions, but we would like to know if there is a consensus on what people would like to get out of this.

All the best,

Pain Concern

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Why does arimidex Exemsestane and letrozole cause so much joint pain.? I have been practically housebound since I've been taking them this last 7 years had to give my job up so lack of money for those extra things I need as I'm now 73 and parking fees are astronomical when you're on a state pension


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