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Who has been listening to 'Airing Pain'? Tell us what you think?

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If you havent been listening then please check it out!

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I have listened to lots of these episodes whilst off sick from work. I found them really helpful and informative. I also found that they offered support and positivity, helping to reduce the isolation I was experiencing.


Hi - i know how you feel re: isolation. I've recently joined a couple of chronic groups on Facebook where people share experiences and support.

They are 'closed' groups so only members can read comments. Let me know if that's of interest.


Thanks for your feedback Disney Girl have you filled in our survey? It only takes 2 minutes and we would love to hear your feedback.


I just listened to the show about work - lots of useful info. Wish I'd heard it 2 years ago! returning to work back then has made my leg pain so much worse and now I am going to have to give up my job as a result... there really is not much support for people with chronic pain/health problems who want to return to work. I bit off more than I could chew, and am now paying the (physical) price.

PS was turned down for ESA and DLA, despite barely being able to walk or stand!


Meeeeee. I have several airing pain episodes on my beloved ipod. The varied podcasts, are helping me understand my chronic pain and more importantly are leading me on my journey towards acceptance. Just knowing that there are others trying to bounce the ball like me, and doing it is reasuring. When I feel sorry for myself I take whippet for a walk and listen to an episode. So a big thanks from me to the who-evers that are the driving force behind them.


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