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Would you like to try music therapy?

Have you had pain for 3 months or more?

Would you like to receive 10 weekly (one to one) music therapy sessions as part of a research project investigating whether music therapy might help sufferers of chronic pain?

Sessions will take place from January to March 2015 on Friday afternoons in the Oxgangs area of Edinburgh (EH14) and will take between 1 ½ and 2 hours.

Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed

For further details please contact Phyllida Alexander on 07763172107

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Yes most certainly


Hi I think this is a fantastic idea and had never even thought about it for pain and for adults but I think it would totally work.

I have a son with autism and cerebral palsy and he is now 20 yrs old but he used to do music therapy and I know a lot of kids that did it and everyone benefited in some way shape or form. It was better for him than physio and occupational therapy , and everything else we tried with him. After playing the piano for just two weeks he had gotten more range of motion in his hands than he had ever had. He enjoyed it so much and everything was done in such a way that made them more confident and the best thing was that it never felt like he was doing anything but having fun.

Good luck with the trial . Wish I could be part of it. I will look into it around here or may try and start somthing myself !


If you ever decide to do in London would be interested


I would definitely be interested in trying something along those lines, having suffered chronic pain for the last seven years.

That aside I have always enjoyed music, can't play a note but always wanted to !

I've been married for thirty nine years so I must be a good listener !

I'm a local to this area, so yes please count me in.

Thanks Lawrance


Wish I lived in Edinburgh!! I sing in a community choir. Only for an hour a week during term time but it is my most genuine pain relief. The singing takes a lot of concentration and team effort and that switches down the pain signals (not off but lower). the endorphin effect continues for an hour of so afterwards. My Pain consultant and I have talked about the benefits of singing and he fully supports it and said there is much scientific evidence to support this. I sing at home - its a good muscle tension release which we all know causes increased pain. I also do breathing exercises and scales and these alone help pain and anyone can do them. There are many online breathing exercises and scales exercies (for free) and some are great fun as it involves mental agility as well. the diaphragm is exercised as well as the lungs and supporting muscles in the upper body. I think people in the most severe pain could do them. I find them easier to do than meditation and relaxation tapes as they require discipline.



I live in Glasgow, but would be interested. Can you let me know the timings please, as I can't cope with rush hour traffic.

Also, I did attend some Pain Management Scotland meetings, but the 'relaxation' music at the end sent me out the room & kicked off a migraine. So I'm not sure if I would be a good candidate.


Would love to but live miles away.

Hope you post results on here. Be interested.


Unfortunately, I live in Leeds otherwise I would love to try! I have always found music a brilliant distraction when I'm in pain it just helps to take you away to another place. Best of luck with your research I hope that it is a success!


Ah never read that, (only read , anyone interested in music therapy when did the other part appear?? ) ah great idea but sadly lacking in London.... for anything new in pain management.


Thank you for your replies everyone. I'm sorry that it seems to be in the wrong city for most of you. I have now got a volunteer for my study. If anyone is interested I can send a post about how it went generally once it is finished (March/April time) in case anyone is inspired to seek music therapy at another time. I'm sorry if you would have been able to do it and I didn't see your message before - I just recruited by first come first served and only needed one participant this time.

Happy Christmas



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