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Dr issues :(

I seen my GP three weeks ago (he wanted to review my anxiety meds) but my fibro pain has been very bad lately and I can't sleep due to severe back pain (I think it's related to my sciatic nerve). My GP did not want to know, kept talking over me and was so nasty & insinuated I was some kinda drug addict who just wanted stronger painkillers (even though I hadn't even asked for any painkillers). My mum was with me so she witnessed it all. I left the appointment in tears. Like, hysterical tears. I think it was partly because of my pain and partly because I was so frustrated at him not letting me speak. I turned to my mum on at least 4 occasions during the appointment & said "this is just pointless. He just doesn't want to know". I also suffer from severe anxiety & depression so by the time I got home, I literally just wanted to die. Honestly, the Dr made me feel so low that I just didn't want to be around anymore. I have a history of self harming so it took everything I had not to cut. Has anyone else experienced a GP like that? How did you deal with it? Since that appointment, my anxiety has been far worse & my fibro pain & tiredness etc have gotten very bad but I'm now too scared to even speak to a Dr in case I get treated like that again. I already have a lot going on right now & another appointment like that would totally tip me over the edge. If anyone has any tips on how to deal with an imbecile of a GP, please let me know. I'm scared to put in a complaint in case I end up getting banned from the surgery. I'm also worried in case the GP has written in his notes that he thinks I'm just some junkie wanting pills for the sake of it (he already wrote a pack of lies about me in the past, resulting in me getting my DLA taken off me & I'm still fighting to get it back). I'm considering typing up my own set of notes and requesting that they are put into my medical notes alongside whatever tripe the GP has written. Do you reckon that would be a fair thing to do? If I've done something, I'll admit to it but I don't like being accused of being a junkie when I don't even drink alcohol 😞

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Kez7 I have to let you know I had a GP like that but he didn’t call me names I had to diagnose my self with MS I repeated told him I had problems but he never listened to me. I finally had to demand how do I find out if I have MS or Lyme disease. Well I was having such pains my back and in my stomach area. Well guess what it was MS. Well what I did I left that doctors office. I could do that can you leave that office and if you do I would ask for a copy of you medical records. I can’t remember if I had to pay a fee to get them. I would put a note in your folder. But I remember going to my doctor after I found out I had MS well I had my 3 year old with me I remember I had him read x-rays because of the pain well there was nothing wrong, so they were fine. Let me tell you if my son wasn’t with me I would have told that doctor why didn’t you listen to me when I told you 2 years earlier when I knew something was wrong, but I like you wasn’t a person to speak up for myself. Don’t do what I did speak up for your self and when he started to say those things SPEAK UP and it was a good idea to have someone with you don’t go by yourself. I hope I made sense.

Stick up for your self no one should talk to you like that. I hope your feeling better.


Hi Kez

I hope you are feeling a bit better.

Please don't take it personally about having your DLA stopped, it happened to me , it happened to lots of people. I was only on the lower rate anyway and my condition was getting worse. I was told my condition would get worse years earlier and I also had new conditions! I should have got a higher rate not lost it. I couldn't cope with fighting them so didn't appeal.

I don't know if there is any organisation in your area you can turn your for some support but I hope you come through this. Is there a different GP at the practice you could see?

Just remember, always, that you are Precious - we all are.



Kez7; I’m so very sorry your GP is treating you badly. I’m in a similar position, though I see a pain management doctor who treats me well, my GP is always insisting I manipulate my pain dr for drugs. I do not and that doctor is a very good one. He took an mri after first visit and HE chose my meds, I’ve never asked him for a thing. Plus she’s the one that referred me to pain dr! I’ve finally had to change my health insurance so that I can be free to change my general doctor. I’m too am worried what she’s said in my medical records. It’s scary, but try to remember your doctor works for YOU! Not the other way around. But I know very well how you feel, it’s just so wrong to be treated like that! Please get a new GP and as others have said, never be alone with that dr. I cannot understand what some people’s bad attitudes are but you are not alone, sadly there are many of us. I am 62 years old and being accused of same. Ridiculous! I too sat stunned in silence and was not allowed to speak, just spoken over. Suddenly I’m a 62 year old drug addict on paper, according to her. She’s messaged my pain dr with her low opinion of me and accusations. Fortunately he seems to be ignoring her, though probably keeping an eye on me, which is fine, I welcome it. Sadly there’s unkind people in every area of life. Please don’t let your GP get you down! You must believe in yourself and get the medical care you need and deserve! You are paying for the care (be it by insurance or not), please don’t continue with that doctor. Each and every one of us deserve respect and quality care. So do YOU! Please feel assured you are not alone and it’s NOT about you! It’s just another ugly, bad attitude getting in your way. You deserve, and have every right, to be treated with respect. Please seek a good doctor. I wish I knew how to stop them from damaging our records. If I find out, I’ll let you know. Take good and gentle care of yourself, please!


Hi, first thing, get a new doctor. The patient/doctor relationship is the core of a treatment plan. It sounds to me like you've got what I call a 'Conveyor belt Doctor' you're not a person to him, you're a number u have 10 mins and he tell you what to do. I had that in the past, never again. see if u can see someone else in the practice, if not, change practices.

When you are long term ill and have anxiety ( like me and you) you need as little hassle as possible.


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