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Tired of been shattered 😬😢

Hi all hope you are enjoying the Christmas Holiday's and are having the best days you can. Had a great Christmas day managed the whole day up and even had a cheeky glass of spritzer ! Christmas night bad night of pain woke feeling shattered, instead of resting I felt I had to keep going.

Again no sleep last night so REALLY shattered today 😪 why is bad pain so physically exhausting?? It is such a sickly crap tired I hate it !

Anyone else find exhaustion as horrid as chronic pain? Or do they go hand in hand?? Can u EVER have one without the other? 😕

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The other night I actually slept for 2 and1/2 hours. I got this electric throw blanket for Christmas and I got all warm and i felt good. I was so happy I slept that long.

But it does stink when you can’t fall sleep when you know your 💤 exhausted


I actually feel in a dream like trance some days !

As a mum of five should be used to it but hopefully will sleep and wake feeling great soon

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You ask: why is bad pain so physically exhausting? The answer to this:

1) is that you are putting in a lot of effort monitoring things that a person in good health does not need to.

2) Is that you are putting in a lot of effort controlling the bit that is hurting/uncomfortable. A person in good health does not need to do this.

You say: "Anyone else find exhaustion as horrid as chronic pain?". You need to let go of that as that adds another layer of discomfort upon the layer you already have. If you can let go of that then their will be one less item of work that the brain engages in.

The brain is a machine that is limited in how much thinking it can do at any one time. This is because there are issues with supplying nutrients, removing waste and keeping heat production within a narrow set of limits.

The religious traditions have been working with these issues for thousands of years. As a result they have come up with methods that to a certain extent work. The problem is finding a religious tradition that you can be comfortable with.

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Thanks for your reply I agree monitoring a pain condition takes time and effort. I do feel however that exhaustion is not a good thing as it has its own physical demands on both your mind and body. I have my own religious beliefs and find these provide comfort I also use body mapping and mindfulness which also help. I do however think when I have not slept all good coping strategy is made more difficult.

Thank you for you reply.

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Have you asked your doctor about taking non-addictive sleeping pills? I've been taking 3mg Lunesta, when I can't sleep. My husband snores so loudly that I was sleep deprived & couldn't cope with anything let alone my health issues. Also, as I understand it, alternative medicine such as accupuncture & hypnotherapy can help. Some insurance companies will cover the costs if it is health related. I'm in the US, so I don't know how your health care system works.

Blessings and prayers for you.


Hi Kate407

Thanks for your reply I am on sleeping tablets but they leave me feeling a bit hungover the next day. I also have a habit of dosing on them when I am half awake and half asleep.

Here in the UK we have the NHS which is amazing but limited on what you are offered. I do use tens which a pain clinic introduced to me. I had acupuncture at the pain clinic and left with a sore ear and no better pain wise.

Hope you are well and having the best day you can x

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