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Awake again fed up !

Another night awake pain is bad plus side I get to read.

Not so good I feel like I have been dug up ! I am going to get myself back to the pain clinic after Christmas new battle plan is needed ! Wish I could sleep through without Amitripyline really miss natural sleep. πŸ˜•

I have wrapping to do tomorrow so hopefully will nod off soon.


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Hope you managed to get some sleep last night.



Hi thank you.

Managed a few hours woke up feeling a bit better trying to right without Amitripyline will see what happens x

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I have similar problems. Used to sleep deeply because of the medication but I have increased my activity levels with consequent pain increase. I wake frequently. I can't read however as the medications make me dopey so I can't focus properly. The restless periods come with the black thoughts unfortunately.

Lavender oil is useful for relaxation. I sprinkle it on my pillow. I also make sure I have no screens of any kind for at least an hour before going to sleep. I have a different book for bedtime than during g the day. Nothing to give vivid dreams !

Hope you have a better night tonight.


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Hi Dee

It is so crap waking through the night sometimes I am too dopey to read.

Everything seems bleaker in the dark I try to run happy memories thru my head. Or pretend my head is like DVD player and try to remember my favourite film or soap. Thank you for your reply I hope the dreams stop for u x

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6.15 this morning. Wide awake. Brain registers where and how much pain. No hiding


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