Saddle pain

Hi, I am a lot of pain killers ,

Oxycodone, topped up with oxinorm, paracetamol , and amytriptalin due to lower back pain , the pain is always with me but the said drugs help me to continue a fairly active life. My problem is I have many episodes of excruciating saddle pain which often affects my bladder.. can anyone suggest how I can stop it ? Many thanks

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  • Sorry to hear your in so much pain, I m probably going to sound really stupid but what is saddle pain?


  • I imagine from riding a horse.

    We used to call it saddle sore but this sounds more painful


  • Like sitting on a knive only worse ,,

  • Hello 9494

    You are on a fair few pain meds and strong ones too.

    Good to keep active if you can...many can't even with meds. Maybe it would help you to do a little less activities?. The damage to your lower back is still there and if you over reach yourself then meds won't be any help. It is called 'pacing'. Work withing the boundaries and stop while you are still relatively pin free. If you wait until pain is bad then meds have t work twice as hard and you will find you need more and more.


  • Hi, many thanks for your reply, I am never completely pain free.and appreciate your advice on not overdoing things. I do make sure to have a short walk as often as able, I have found that sitting too long is not good and I will not take to my bed during the day . I do not drive so if I need to shop I make sure to take a small trolley and not to overload it,( any heavy purchases I now buy on Amazon) thank god for the internet , I do believe that my body has become accustomed to the opioids having been on them for many years , and that if I asked my Gp would probably suggest increasing the dosage, but as I get withdrawal symptoms if I leave my meds late as quickly as half an hour I do not want to go down that road yet. I am a young at heart single 70 year old female . And enjoy membership of 3 choirs , which I recommend highly ( it stops one getting depressed) it’s just the saddle pain that grips me and leaves me in agony , thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated...

  • Many thanks for reply

  • I've been like that for years.

    I only piddle abojt three times a day and when I do go, it's an effort.

    I also have erectile disfunction and don't ejaculate either. Just like peeing, it feels like it's gonna happen, but it doesn't. Then the next three days you end up with a very sore sack.

    Going for a pooh is a great effort, as it's never a case of sit n go! I have to strain every time, even with it's an!

    According to some spinal sites, as soon as you get numb there you're to get treated..... That advise I found, is too many y years too late. So chase your specialist, if it's newish to you.

    I'm on morphine slow release tablets AND liquid morphine to take as required.

  • Hi do you not have a prescription for laxidol,and fybogel morphine will cause severe constipation just other opiates , also a healthy amount of vegetables and fruits . Plus drinking plenty of water... hope this helps you too,

  • I have ibs, n had it for years. If I take fyber reguarly it goes the other way and for days, sometimes weeks.

    The saddle numbness (can't remember proper name, that the pain clinic gave it over 7 years ago). I also have that swelling in my ankles n legs, but Dr won't chase or investigate.

    I had a fistula repaired 5 years ago. Despite being on pee pills n having type 2, I have to remind myself to pee. I Def drink enoug. The leg swelling even indents and stays.... Good party piece! lol

    I can't remember all my pills, but it's ten twice a day, plus oramorph as needed. Stopped pregab as potential cause.of the swelling.

    I also have a tarlov cyst on my coxyc..

    I tried the injections but apart from the pain of the extremely agitated nerve being.injected 16 times, difference.

    What's not helped, i.moved (sides of the city). So forced to change drs. Last 1s didn't want me to stay as too expensive, and new 1s lazy and such hypocrites. Before the drs were, now I need £15 per visit for the taxi. On the money May gives me, I can't afford it often, so.dont see Dr much (just once so far this year). Doesn't help when Dr has had 6 months off this year.

    Everything is a fight, just to get basic treatment and I'm not getting that.

    I've contacted every group or society locally, and I can't get help from.anyone... no one at all.... Big reason.i didn't get.monility on pip not even after appeal.... The solicitor said..... I don't believe you suffer that bad, and the so-called mobility.person didn't believe i.could have sciatica in both.legs 24/7 and back.pain at the same.time. FFS

  • Blimey, that’s most unfair,I have sciatica down both legs often , the trouble is that only other sufferers know that it is so , are you in the Uk too and retired like myself

  • Hi have you tried sitting on a heated blanket or the likes? i too have severe low back pain Which i had injections only Wednesday gone so hopefully a lot less pain for the silly season. Mine is what i can only describe as a red hot tailbone constantly. What dose of oxycodone are you taking and oxynorm for breakthrough ?

    I hope your able to get the pain under a more manageable level and enjoy the holidays.

  • 20 mg oxycodone morning. 30 mg 12 hours later as slow release. Oxynorm 10 mg every 4 hours when needed . I take 1,000 mg paracetamol first , some times it eases.. I had 3 sessions of injections,, to no avail.. I do hope the treatment works for you , and wish you a peaceful painfree . Christmas..

  • Ive been in the pain you describe, i was extremely lucky to have my deep compression back fusion last April,no sciatic pain,lower back pain is still there but nothing to what it was like before my op.Im a new person.Ive been reading everyones posts and it makes me even more grateful for the relief i have.I will make the most of it because im scared of going back to the pain before my op.I live in Australia and the pain clinics are a joke,we are so behind here,its totally misunderstood when dealing with chronic pain.I would like the oain Drs to walk in our shoes for 24hrs to really know how it feels.Not pleasant.Good luck to you all,you are not alone.☺

  • Wow! That's a lot. When you are active, do you stretch your muscles? I'm sure you've probably been to physical therapy. Did any exercises help. Knee to chest helped me. Do you eat much sugar? Sugar feeds into the pain. I'm trying to reduce my sugars and carbs without cutting them out completely. I truly hope that you find something natural that works for you. Those pain killers are hard on your liver and kidneys. But I do understand hurting so bad that you need them. Keep looking. Don't give up. You'll find what you need that'll work for you.

  • Hi, have you had an MRI and been checked for cauda equina syndrome (CES)?

    The symptoms you describe in the saddle area paired with urinary troubles are potential red flags.

    Please find a medical person willing to help get yourself an MRI. If you are in UK I understand there are protocols in place for patients to recieve MRI where Cauda Equina is a possibility due to people missing out on timely surgery and being left with nerve damage.

    CES can come on slowly or be partial. This is one situation where getting medical help and if needed surgery in a timely way is a way to stop further deterioration and loss of function. Urinary retention is also risk to kidney and a sign of CES. Best of luck with things & getting help.

  • Because of your age and your description of your pain I suggest you try googling polymyalgia rheumatica and see if that matches your symptoms. Because the only proper way of treating PMR is with steroids. And it works incredibly fast and quite well to relieve you of your pain.

  • Thank you I will google that , I have been prescribed steroids on several occasions, they do help ..

  • Have you tried acupuncture and massage? You may find it very helpful. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply re saddle pain I have tried most of alternative including cupping , to no avail, I have come to the conclusion that I must live with this ..

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