Neuropathic pain in hands

Having suffered neuropathic pain in my hands for three years since neck surgery which I can only describe as like having my hands in a nest of wasps I finally secumbed to trying cymbalta which is an anti depressant which is supposed to help with nerve pain but I had to give it up as it made me feel so nauseous and dizzy.

Has anyone tried Lyrica and if so with what side effects.

Also I'd be grateful for any other suggestions and is it true that many of these drugs give you suicidal thoughts?

Any advice would be welcome as I don't know how much longer I can stand this endless pain.

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  • Only a few days at 30 but I felt terrible with really bad nausea.

  • Thanks so much for your advice. I will ask my doctor if she can prescribe something for the nausea and give the drug another shot. I have had chemo therapy in the past so experienced really bad nausea in the past.

    I have a strong antipathy to taking medication but I guess with the level of pain and the effect on quality of life I just have to accept the drugs are necessary.

    Thanks again. What is your experience?

  • No, I haven't tried lyrica yet. I had hoped the cymbalta would be the best option and as you suggested I should perhaps try it again if I can overcome the sickness. Do you think it is the best option for my kind of pain?

  • Thanks Dan

    I have an appointment next week at the pain clinic so I will discuss it with the doctor again. If I can control the nausea it will be worth another try.

  • You seem to be very knowledgable with regard to medication for neuropathy. Do you suffer with this condition yourself.

    I've just bought some anti nausea medicine from the pharmacy and will give the cymbalta another try.

    Thanks for all your advice

  • The nausea is improving but how long before there will be a decrease in the pain. I'm taking 30mg of duloxetine for two weeks and then 60mg. Appreciate your advice

  • It takes a while for body to adjust. Also , be sure and eat something before you take you meds, helps to have something on your stomach to prevent the nausea

  • Hi.

    I have had Neuropathic Pain now since 2005 following my (SRS) "Radiation Treatment" which went horibbily wrong & it didn't work in the end "Great" I am on: "Pregabilyin" & Oxcarbazepine & Amantadine & Amitriptyline & Morpine Patch all on max dosages. All of these work fairly well for me with little to no side effects. I have recently been given a much stronger Patch than the Morpine one but it was too strong so I'm back on the Morpine one again. I have been put forward for some "Deep Brain Stimulation " but currently the NHS won't Fund it "Great" I have gone from Birmingham to Oxford to Liverpool & they still won't Fund it. "Great Stuff"

    "Not Really"


  • Just come back from seeing a specialist about my hands thought it was CTS but it's not That looking at PN just waiting for more tests to be done now

  • I take Cymbalta and hydrocodone for pain relief. I also wear a 24/7 pain patch called BUTRANS. I change the patch once a week.

  • Hi, my wife was put on Pregablin ie.LYRICA. After her Chemo, this caused a lot of swelling to her face,stomach and feet and legs, it also gave her a extra appetite which she hated and was taken off them,although she still has really bad pain and severe depression due to the Breast Cancer and all the treatment that comes along with this Horrid Disease,she is glad she has stopped taking the above medication, she has lost the swelling on her face and has curbed her appetite. mal1960.

  • I had a disc removed through my neck and am still in constant pain and have pins and needles absolutely everywhere. Its really difficult to type as it gets worse as soon as I move. Does this sound similar?

  • I have tried lyrics made me very sick very dizzy I gave them up quickly they had more side effects than morphine for me but we are not all the same

  • amitriptyline has worked wonders for numbness and pins and needles in my feet and legs at night during the day it's hell hands and fingers effected now along with dizziness

  • Gabapentin and amitriptyline help with the peripheral neuropathy in my feet and right hand but it took a while to find the right balance. The gabapentin made me feel stoned for the first week (took me back to my mis-spent youth!) But it wore off. Neuropathic pain is the absolute pits, I hope you find something that helps

    Lou xx

  • Hi,I am on amitriptyline, and no suicidal thoughts. Lyrica didn't work for me for pain...but everyone is duf and reacts to meds dif!

  • But the pain can drive you to as many suicidal thoughts , if you don't move much, you start not sleeping as your just not tired, so it's a balance that you have to get right, or else you'll suffer in both camp's best Alex

  • my hands are bad its painful holding things starting to drop items numbness in fingers and wrists

  • Suzy......I have been on Lyrica for 5 years for radiation induced plexopathy. My left hand on the palm side especially hurts/burns/ freezes. My pain though is somewhat bearable on Lyrica 4 times a day. I tried to tolerate 5 pills a day but became very apathetic.

    As you know, everyone is different. I would say it lessens my nerve pain substantially, and with little to no side effects.

    I hope this helps you decide to try it. I think you could use the break from your pain. I also take it with Effexor, but only need that 3xday, Effexor is not only an antidepressant but has a positive effect on nerve pain as well.

    Be brave. Be hopeful. Keep trying. Jennie

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