Is it serious

I'm not interested in trivia, so don't do Facebook or twitter. But now it seems to me that this messaging service is now getting full of drivel. It's a shame when there's enough social media without messing this one up. Perhaps it's just me, but does anyone feel the same?

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  • I just swipe right on the rubbish ones.

    Everyone has a right to self expression.

    Be happy!😊

  • They certainly have, but is Healthline really the right place? It would be a shame if it ended up totally full of trivia. Still live and let live, I can always cancel the app.

  • Indeed!

  • Everyone thinks what’s going on in there life’s is serious no matter how small and if they can get some sort of help on here by others then so be it .

    We don’t have to read it di we it’s like the tv if you don’t like it switch it off or over.

  • Hang on a minute, anyone's health problems are serious and it's great to have somewhere to get assistance. I'm not knocking that in any way, if you think I'm going on about that, please check my bio. What I'm on about is people who it's just when people start saying they want to cancel today so they can sleep all day. They seem to think theirs is the only problem. I've as many problems as most people, probably more than many. But you sometimes need to get on with it as best you can, life is short enough. Sorry if that's wound everyone up, but as you say everyone has a right to an opinion. Have a nice day.

  • Hi I know what your saying there is so much of it on here but I try to pass them by and look at the posts that really need are help it’s like Facebook and all them silly games requests I pass them bye

  • It's just a shame if it turns into another Facebook, which I don't have an account, after trying it for a week.

  • I do agree with you to some degree. There are posts on here that really make me wonder why they are on here in the first place. Like I woke up for the past 2 days with a stiff shoulder what can I do. But it is nothing like fb to be honest. These silly posts are still written by people who seem to worry instantly and think people on here can give advice. I just pass them by and do not think about them. Fb on the other hand has lots and lots of adverts on every bodies timeline but although annoying at times I just scroll past. It definitely is a bit of live and let live, if you enjoy fb scroll past them. If you find health unlocked helpful just concentrate on the posts that are good for you and ignore the rest. Bit like going in a shop really, just look at the things you like which won't be all the goods on display. 🙃😀

  • Saying that they want to scrap the day from the calendar so they can stay in bed is nuts

  • Fatigue & depression are common signs at the start of most serious illness, & an indication that someone needs help.

  • Sorry, but you don't need to lecture me about depression, I've been there, but I didn't go telling everyone on Facebook about it.

  • One sentence is hardly a lecture.

    I still prefer helping someone than read about a suicide in the paper.

  • Ok mate, when I require saving I'll let you know. lol detecting app now. It's getting silly. bye bye

  • Please don't bother.

    I'd not be inclined to reply to anyone trolling a website that's here to help people.

  • Hi just wanted to say I’ve got fibromyalgia and my days are terrible don’t know if going to get out of bed the pain my god !!!

    I also have chronic fatigue all add up sometimes we need to talk to someone other than family as they tend not to fully understand so on this site if you see posts that you don’t want to read them scroll past just like fb but Facebook has it’s good points as well

  • I agree with you. I looked on FB and thought to myself it was drivel, so I don't have an account.


  • Any illness is a worry to some people but if they ask for advice they must be concerned and doctors today if they're like mine are hopeless

  • Saying that they want to scrap the day from the calendar so they can stay in bed is nuts

  • I do not, & this is not a messaging service.

    It's a forum where people interact with each other to ask for, or provide another person with help or support. Some folks are afraid by pain that you call drivel & think is trivial. Would that include pain from the start of a cancerous or other life threatening condition? Are you qualified to know? It's a shame when there's enough people that want to help other humans to find one who objects.

    I hate christmas, but I don't have issues regarding anybody else enjoying it, or try to spoil their religious holiday &/or fun. I am pleased that it's clearly something makes a lot of other people happy. My choice is whether or how much to take part. Bah humbug!

  • Lol

  • I agree with BadHare to some degree. As I said above, some people worry instantly when something is wrong, even if it is a one of depression and they want to stay in bed. I would not dream of putting it on here but by the same talking others really want to and get possibly some relief by writing it. I am not the right kind of person to answer those posts but I do not get annoyed by them either. Just scroll past them if they are not for you I'dd say. 😉

  • Lol

  • I really think that it's a great idea to have people other than doctors to talk to, but my problem is when people start using it to really talk about going to the shops and other drivel. Can't they use Facebook etc for that? This I believe is a great idea, for people with health problems to talk to other people with similar problems, or other people to pass on idea's or help. I have severe problems, I now take Morphine along with my other pain killers and take 30+ tablets a day to keep me going. I've also been given between 18-24 months to live due to a brain problem. I still do my best to enjoy life and don't let anything stop me from doing anything. I have now deleted the app after being accused of being a troll, so having different opinions, like pushing yourself no matter what makes me a troll, so be it. I was surprised to get your message, but it came through my emails. Anyway, all the best to you and please try to enjoy every minute you possibly can. Don't let people tell you to stop anything. D

  • I am so sorry you seem to have been upset 😠 and I can see the reason why.... you are like me, I don’t tell my problems straight away, and from the sound of your meds’ list you would be very entitled to do so...... how do you find Morphine? I personally don’t rate it for the pain I have, CRPS/RSDS . my GP took the tabs that did work away from me only to give me Morphine.... 😢. Give me dyhidrocodeine any day 👍🙏🏼 But I had become rather addicted to it 😂😂. I do hope you feel better, or at least get better days. 🌺🦋

  • After trying most of the pain killing drugs, I'm now taking Morphine,(patches), along with Gabapentin, Paracetamol and Tramadol. But hoping to increase the Morphine and drop the Tramadol.

  • My goodness Denm I have just read your page after reading your last post and do feel for you. You have so much to deal with but coping so well. No wonder you made this post. I myself are in constant pain and at high levels. I am due for a nerve denervation to be carried out in 2 sessions. Hopefully that will help my back pain but it won't do anything for the leg pain. However one step at the time. Like you I have no idea why some people post this seemingly inane posts of trivial things. But like I said before they do not cope as well and want reassurance. It is not something they feel comfortable posting on fb so they come here. Just ignore it is my best advice. In the mean time though I do wish you the best of luck and hope your life expectancy has been calculated way wrong and that you may have many more happy years ahead of you. 😘

  • Hi Emma, thanks for your reply which has come through my email, I have deleted the app, so eventually these messages will stop. Dealing with pain is a challenge that people meet in different ways, some people want to curl up in a ball and not do anything and it's their choice. I have terrible back pain and a really bad knee, which could probably do with an operation. But as the diagnosis of my life expectancy really is certain, It is a non repairable brain problem. The expected end is dementia and before that gets too bad I'll call an end to it, don't want to end up in a situation where care is too intrusive. I do things my own way. I love walking with my wife and dog and normally walk a minimum of 7 miles a day, it hurts but sod it. The doctors say sit down, elevate it and put ice on it, but life's too short to waste time on that. I'm 70 years old next March and have had a good life, but not about to stop enjoying it yet. I hope you can find ways of working round your problems, it can be hard, but worth while if you can. I just want drugs to keep the pain away as much as possible, then carry on with life. Good luck with dealing with the the pain you have, hope you can find a way to carry on. I've been accused of being a troll because of my opinions, so have deleted the app. But nice to hear from you. Bye D

  • Hi D, thanks for your words. You are an example to most of us on here. I cannot see how people can see you as a troll and feel that you should just ignore their narrow mindedness and stay on. But aside from that I hope you get this message. I wish you all the best and lots of happiness despite your situation and keep on enjoying life as best as you can. 😘

  • Hi again Emma, I will open the app again and see if I can find a way to block the people I don't wish to talk to. I had really decided to end it, but perhaps an old man with 4 heart attacks and 3 strokes still has something to offer. But please try to keep positive, it's hard on the bad days I know. For me, every day I wake up, is a good start and something I can work on.

  • Hi Den again. I am mostly pretty positive and will definitely try and stay so. After reading your post even more so as you have been through so much but sound so positive. Less of the old though 🙃, you are only as old as your mind wants you to be. Take care and I am pleased you have decided to stay on. 😀

  • Hi Emma, you're right, but unfortunately it's my mind that's going to drop to bits. But till then, don't bother, if you can't change it, don't worry about it. D

  • It's a tricky one, I have read a few posts on here which do look quite trivial.

    Then I spent two years with everyone (Drs, physio, family), telling me I shouldn't be I so much pain/ man up. I was actually glad to have physical symptoms, "See I'm not crazy!😀".

    Most people don't know what pain is, so it's virtually impossible to talk to them. They may try to empathise, but that isn't much help.

  • People who aren't in constant pain never understand what it's like. The sleep deprivation alone lowers your tolerance, it's a terrible thing. The right drugs can be a great help, when you find the right one for you, but as everyone's pain is different it's hard to advise. You need a good gp.

  • Hiya, I suppose at my age I can expect problems. After 4 heart attacks, 3 strokes and lots of other problems, I take 30+ tablets a day. I definitely keep positive even with the constant pain. But the one thing that really brasses me off is that if I ever complain to the doctors, all I get is "wear and tear". I know I'm old and worn out, I don't expect the NHS to fix me. Just get rid of the pain. You have to look at the bright side of life lol

  • I don't post here much at all these days but was one of the early posters when Pain Concern started on Healthunlocked. I think its changed since it started, & I guess that if you are worried about some pain you've got & you google "pain" you might well come across this forum & ask about your pain. Fair enough.

    Having had some really bad days in the past I can see why people post about feeling like not getting out of bed. For me, this forum was a way to say how awful chronic pain can be, & knowing that someone else on here would understand.

    It's a valuable support network, & quite often there is no one else out there to sound off to.

  • I've missed you.

    How's tricks.

    I liked your point about support network and often no one else to sound off to.

    Ain't that the truth. Of not here where.

  • Hi, I started getting so much aggravation, I deleted the app. Good luck to you Ned. D

  • Ay up Nedd! Hope you are as well as can be expected.

    Haven't had much reason to complain about my pain recently. But that could all change as the local NHS pain management services have been reorganised. I am at the back of a long queue to be assessed to see if I am still eligible for the treatment that has kept the pain at bay for the last 6 years. So watch this space, I may need to come back...

  • So pleased for you that you have finally managed to get on top of your pain. But. How utterly depressing to think the powers that be may withdraw the life line that has enabled you to live life for a bit.

    Fingers and toesies crossed that all goes well.

    Enjoy the holiday with the family. Thanks for the catch up.

    Go well


  • I only use the pain area of the site. Omg....if I used it for my mental health conditions I imagine it would be a struggle! Have you do all the things you want to do yet? Enm? 😉

  • No I cannot say I do.


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