Clicky shoulder .. Is it dislocated ?

Oh my word .. I have had problems with a clicky shoulder, my left one, for many years. My GPS have kind of dismissed this .. Oh yes there is something wrong they say and do nothing, just acknowledge it. My latest gp told me I had damaged it using my crutch and told me not to use it as much. I have been lying here and click, click, click, I massage it and the pain is searing. However I have manoeuvred it somehow and now the clicking is much less. I wonder if it has been dislocated. It now feels a lil better from the movement I have been doing. Hurtful as it clunks and clicks. I am determined to get rid of it.

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  • It's possible that you could have slightly dislocated it. Suggest to your GP about having some physio. If the crutches have caused it then could you use a zimmer frame or try pod.

  • lowlife Thankyou. I will certainly look into those contraptions . I am seeing my gp on Tuesday so will ask then

  • Hi Satsuma, maybe a bit of exercise from physio might help. It probably is from using a crutch. Sounds like an osteopath might be of help too but that cost a fair bit. What about looking on line for some shoulder exercises to strengthen it, might help but I am not a doctor. Best Wishes

  • Hey katieoxo60 They are great ideas Thank you . Yes I been moving it myself and massaging it as best i can .. Ouch though haha but I am gritting my teeth. The muscles are all trapped and cramped I feel

  • Often pain can't be completely removed, but some small exercises lower the intensity as do painkillers. Oh I have shoulder pain and immobility in the joint from passed accident so understand what you are saying it's too complicated to explain some of the small exercises that help in writing on here. only do a few at a time then build up.

  • Yes I have found my pain cannot be removed indefinitely .. It is tiring. Distraction helps.

  • Hi Satsuma my heart goes out to you having pain 24/7 is a nightmare especially when all you need is the right answers to help you . I've got sciatica stated four months ago and it does bring you down I'm sure it will be fine in the end but yea you wake up each morning thinking as it gone 😀 I do hope you find a solution soon as I'm sure you will we all need to be strong and to be positive and we all will get there ...🌺🌺

  • Sciatica is a nightmare Billy1951 So very painful at the slightest move and takes your breath away with a sick feeling. I feel for you with this.

    I used to go to sleep every night thinking and hoping I would be totally cured tomorrow. I spent years like that. Always waiting for it to go. Took me a long time to realise I won't ever fully recover. I can,however, manage it to the best of my ability. Hard going and so tiring.

  • Billy1951 Interesting that we all say we are getting there .. I wonder where it is haha

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