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Being it good enough?

Hi, am joe69, used to be groin....

It's good to be strong, is it good enough? This could be yes and no, as all of our conditions are different...

With mine, am now at the stage where strong is not just a word, it's been well used over these last years...

With me, I feel that I have been through a ringer with my condition, it's had it's ups and downs and I suppose there will be more hills to tackle on the way and certainly more to tumble down...but hey, it's the joy off not knowing what's around the corner...



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With being strong, it's all I've been doing all day...

I've been sitting here, getting knumbness on both legs, lack to no movement with arms and neck...

All the body wants to do is sleep, as usual at bedtime I can't, yes, it's just a vicious circle, on which we all should be getting used...

Am just so run down...

All I want is something to get done...

Am not asking for much, just some of my life back, or whats left of it...



Finding the strength within yourself to overcome chronic pain is probably the most difficult challenge a chronic pain sufferer will ever encounter, ( in my opinion).. After years of being told I would just have to learn to live with it as docs all said they had ( and I quote) " come to end of resources ".... Instead of improving with time and rest and medications and other forms of treatment , I was in fact deteriorating badly ... Medications were destroying my digestive system and ruining my life in general... It became more important to me to live than to try to control the pain with the numerous medications which we all know don't actually cure the problem and most times will still be in severe pain... Against wishes of both my wife and all doctors I quit all the medications just over six months ago ,, the mental and physical strength I have regained since then has amazed me.... Yes I still get many aches and pains and struggle to rest proper sometimes , but hey,, isn't that how we all live even on all the medications that are / were poisoning our bodies and minds.... Mind over matter is something I like to think helps, truthfully it doesn't always, but a change of lifestyle has certainly helped me and that is where mind control has helped me,,, eat better, exercise gently, walk instead of driving or get off bus at an earlier stop, allow yourself the opportunity to fail, then when you succeed where you were sure you might fail you will feel much happier in yourself... Happiness is a very powerful emotion,, the chemicals released from happiness are quite powerful and a natural way of overcoming many of life's upsets and makes you focus more on what possible good can be rather than what suffering you are and will continue if you don't accept the reality that docs can't help anymore except for increasing dosage or swapping meds ,,, it's up to the individual,, listen to yourself now... Docs don't help,,, otherwise why would you be here!!!


Great response by Nev0, I'm starting to exercise, so maybe 1 day will be able to come off al meds. Keep your chin up Joe x


Hello Joe

When we talk about strength it can come in many forms, it reaches out in our families and friends, it shines in the eyes of your children your dog Life comes in many forms some say we are hear too learn, and experience so many of life s experiences

Yes we all feel down, depressed when in pain I have now been on not only amitrypalene but a much stronger one for the last eight years, why because I am depressed because the pain is hell to live with, the hospital is hell and the surgery where you spill your heart out is a demening place to be, especially were sometimes you go for a chat and when the the GP says come again soon his eyes bleering over in boredom, this is why we are brave we stand up to a kicking and dust ourselves up and realize no one is really going to pick up our bones it is only ourselves the buck no more than ever sits with us, this in some way our learning .

If life was fair it would all be different, pain would be cured, we would all be strong. Why is this site here it is for those of us who are on the edge possibly life or death.

At the moment my home is being taken over by the environment agency, it will not go into details needless too say not of our making I could loose a family home to a quangoes need.seen solicitor and serveyor are dealing with this, no hope we stand alone, compensation my be given, LIFE IS NOT FAIR, I am loosing an addapted property will need too start again.

What I am trying to say is we all need support, encouragement we are all are where we are and many of us find we live in a very polarized society who think disabled, are a drain on society. LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

Joe we are always found Life is not fair, we are here for all on this web site because of above, we try too give succour and encouragment, support and a listening ear to those who need if, sometimes it could be a leaning to give support, on those who have had enough as we all feel that at sometime in our disabled lives.Life is a bitch we are here for you when your are trying to empty the pond full of alligators that snap at our feet

Joe think of the good things of your life try to be more positive we are all here too help, you can meet some nice nurses in hospital

All the very best, chin up, keep a hold as northerners say, support is always here



Any of you read Voltaire's Candide? its a humerous story of a young chaps journey to find enough wealth to marry the Princess (he's poor and thinks money and status will make him happy). Along the way he meets many characters and visits many places, and each time he doesn't get what he wants. He returns home with the friends he had journied with and discovers all the riches are there. He has food growing in his garden, he has the freedom to do what he wants and he has friends who will stick by him no matter what.

Living with chronic pain is a bit like that. We all spend too much time wishing we had our old life back, our old body our old whatever, rather than devise ways to live with ourselves and get to know the new body. Yes pain is difficuilt to live with, yes it would be nice if mefics actually had something to cure us, but the creality is, you have pain whether you do things or not. So why not do things and have fun. Focus on the activity, the enjoyment, the freedom from not thinking about the pain for a while. It may only be a few minutes at a time, but the more you do it the more readily your body will be to accept new things.

When I decided to start sewing again, I sat on the chair for 5 mins at a time, and slowly built this up to half an hour. I did the same with my foot on the pedal. And the same working the pedal. It took me 4 months to train my body to accept sewing for half an hour and a further 8 months to accept sewing for 50 minutes. Do you call that strength or bloodymindedness - I don't know even to this day which it is. But I do know people without pain wouldn't wait a year to be able to sew.

I think the saying if you want something badly enough you will find a way to do it rings true here. As Nev0 says listen to your body. If you feel tired and exhausted, sleep. It doesn't matter if its day or night. When I finally decided to stop being employed, as it was affecting me negatively on so many levels, I slept for 3 months. Thats 3 months of giving my body something it badly needs. Few of us would challemge a dr if he said try a painkiller for 3 months, so why are we denying our bodies basic things? You eat when hungry and drink when thirsty so why deprive yourself of sleep if you need it?

The brain is powerful and you can over ride the pain messages if you are taught well. You can fill your synapses with happy receptors so the pain ones don't stand a chance. You can live without medication if you want to. The only people benefitting from us using pain killers are the drug companies.

Create a new life for yourself, where you do things that benefit you, on your terms at your speed, just like Voltaire sitting in the sun watching his veggies grow, sharing a bottle of wine with his friends.


Color is the place where our spirit and the universe meet.


May you find some color to lighten your days.

Hang in there.


I am always on the look out for a bit of color be in the traditional sense or threads of a different palette to weave into the grey tapestry that I feel is sometime my life.

A good source of ideas for me is

The wonderful Weekend book

by Elspeth Thomsson


It is okay to feel as you do. It is time to read "Job" in a good translation of the Bible. I am not a Christian but sometimes it is good to learn about surrender hit rock bottom and start to re-build. Pain is exhausting or at least I find it is. Surrendering to it is less exhausting and I have found that by doing this I find methods to do something constructive because I have used less mental energy by not trying to be strong against pain.

Mindfulness is a technique thousands of years old. It is worth investigating. There are many Buddhist groups which teach it.


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