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Is it right?!?


Just wondering if this is correct, although I have a rheumy doctor I also have a gp that I visit for other ailments etc and get my tramadol and naproxen from,however I am now having to see said gp to get my pain meds rather than rheumy and explain how I am feeling and why I still need them I did have them on repeat prescription but I have none left so have to visit the gp's again.

Is this right or should I be able to get the meds from rheumy.

Any advice would be helpful


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Are you in UK or elsewhere ?

pat66 in reply to deejames

I'm in uk my doctor has put everything other than tramadol on my repeat and so I thought maybe this was because I needed to get this off my rheumy doctor

Dalrymple in reply to pat66

I also have a rheumy , and he writes to my gp regarding my arthritis drugs, but my gp gives me tramadol with all the other drugs I need, after about six monthly prescriptions I will have to go into the surgery or a phone call , just to ask if things are the same regarding my drugs , hope this may help you . Jackie

Peggy76 in reply to pat66

Hi Pat.

Tramadol can't be on repeat prescription since last June ish, it's now a controlled drug like oxynorm . Hope this stops you worring.

Peggy 💐

Dexter1 in reply to Peggy76

I was just wondering about that in UK because it's now controlled here as well in US.

Bananas5 in reply to Peggy76

You can get Oxynorm on repeat script. We do every month


Peggy76 in reply to Bananas5

Hi paten.

I guess I did not explain myself properly usually my prescriptions are faxed trough to pharmacy ....but not oxynorm / tramadol or any controlled drug you have to collect the prescription yourself from doctor . Once again sorry for not explaining myself , good luck have a nice weekend all.

Peggy 💐

Bananas5 in reply to Peggy76

We submit script to surgery which includes Oxynorm, Oxycontin, or whatever David is taken - it is sigbed by GP where it trundles across by hand to the pharmacy and we collect it.

48 hrs after depositing at surgey it is ready for either collection or delivery. Alsways need double signature.


deejames in reply to Bananas5

Likewise with my morphine


sianr in reply to Peggy76

I don't know where you live Peggy but your prescription with your controlled drugs on it can be sent to your local pharmacy you have to collect from the pharmacy and sign the small box to say you've collected them . This defeats the purpose of the service otherwise you might as well collect all your scripts from the surgery and take them to the pharmacy I would question that .

I understand your surgery doesn't put yours on repeat due to the law . GP's can put them on it if there's a reason written in patient notes for their use. Legality of the drug world is a total minefield.

Peggy76 in reply to sianr

Hi Siarn.

I guess I dident explain myself very well all my prescriptions are on repeat including oxynorm & tramadol & are faxed trough to chemist not oxynorm/ tramadol I suppose it wouldn't be safe ?? ....but yes my daughter picks up the other 2 then signs for them.

Hope Alls going well for you keep safe & warm

Once again thank you for caring.Peggy 💐

Sheryl4659 in reply to Peggy76

Hi Peggy, I have all my meds except Tramadol on repeat prescribing which means that I have twelve prescriptions to cover 1 year so every year I can just go to the chemist of my choice and give in all my prescriptions and they prepare them each month for me. The Tramadol has to be ordered every month but is on repeat prescription, it can be on repeat but not on repeat prescribing. I suspect each GP is different regarding repeats and also depends how vulnerable a patient might be, or their health issues.

Hope that helps

Regards Sheryl

Peggy76 in reply to Sheryl4659

Hi Sherly.

I think it is a good idea that they should be controlled, as it would be so easy for anyone to make a mistake & I have enormous amount of medication to take due to kidney failure / Cardioligist / Amemia & osteoporosis / artheritist. / hypothyroidism ::: I have a note book to track time etc & keep a copy on my I pad to be double sure. With taking 19 tabs a day .cant be to careful .

Have a nice weekend .

Peggy 💐

Sheryl4659 in reply to Peggy76

You too Peggy, I am amazed though that it's a bit hit and miss regarding signing for it when it's meant to be a controlled drug, Tramadol that is.

Keep well and take care

Sheryl x

nodmeister in reply to Peggy76

I get Tramadol on repeat and have done for a few years. I have to do a separate signature at the chemist as it's a controlled rug. Never heard it cannot be on repeat. Good luck. X

That should obviously be drug. I'd look stupid asking for a repeat rug!!!;!!😁 x

Peggy76 in reply to nodmeister

Hi nodmeister.

Hope your keeping well this cold Monday morning

Yes it would be funny ( rug lol )

Peggy 💐

sianr in reply to Peggy76

Hi Peggy76 I agree tramadol is a controlled drug however this can be put on repeat prescriptions like oxynorm etc these are all controlled meds , any medication as long as it's prescribed by a Dr can be on a repeat prescription.

Cost cuts means some hospital don't prescribe. Also a specialist advice and direct care. Day to day management is the gp responsability. So in both cases the gp prescribe. 💗


The specialists don't tend to prescribe routinely. The GP is acting as a central point for ongoing care to ensure meds are prescribed as needed and also in case you are seeing specialists for a couple different things that you aren't on a combination of meds that might be detrimental to your health. If doses needed to be raised or changed outside the specialists recommendations, they refer you back to get the correct treatment as per the specialists knowledge. Very normal


All mine on repeat from GP that were prescribed by specialist

I have a pain specialist who recommends which medication I have to take and my GP prescribes them. I have controlled drugs and they are definitely on my repeat prescription slip. It appears to be different for different GP surgeries. I do hope you can talk it over with your GP? wishing you all the best

I've found the Tramadol has been delayed a couple of days compared to my other repeat prescription meds at times, because, as people say, it's a controlled drug. I agree with Peggy77, it's not on a repeat script for me either, even tho I'm on it long term. In fact, this time, hubby picked up the repeat prescription which the pharmacy manage, and the Tramadol was missing, so I had to call the surgery and the receptionist sent a message through to the doctor to request it. It can be a little inconvenient at times, but I'm reassured to know that they monitor what is going on with people as Tramadol can be addictive. I had to request an extra batch in readiness for going on holiday one time and they immediately picked up on the fact that I'd asked for it about 2 weeks early, and I got a call from the surgery about it. Once I explained, they were fine, but I was impressed that the red flag went up - that could be the difference between someone eventually becoming addicted and not. I keep a note in my diary of my repeat script dates, and in the meantime, I check how much Tramadol I have. If I look like I will run short, I will usually talk to the receptionist at the surgery, she'll put a message through to the doc. He might just call through to me to double check and ask how I'm doing, or he might very occasionally want to see me for a routine chat and check I'm doing ok. As long as you are sensible with your drugs (i.e. it's obvious that you aren't "abusing" them - I hardly ever request more Tramadol early so it's obvious to them that I'm not abusing it), and keep a check on what you have in stock you should be fine. I used to bank on having to wait up to a week for Tramadol, it could take a few days to process through the surgery, and then the pharmacy like at least 48 hours to allow time to make up the script in case they are busy. So, if you think you'll run out, call them a week before you think you will run out, I'd say. Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, I do tend to waffle on about things once I get going - lol!

One more thing, we can't put controlled drugs on repeat like that.

Hi Weight warrior .

All my medication on repeat .....but I know & agree with you Tramadol was put on the controlled drug list last June !! & I have to doctor to collect both of them IE oxynorm & tramadol, it's also reassuring that they keep a check on you :: we have to request our prescriptions a week in advance not a problem, have a nice weekend .

Peggy .💐


sorry I have missed out a few words here & there.

Peggy 💐💐

No, I can get refills on most things for about 3 months and then pharmacist will call Dr. to get more. I can't get refills on most controlled meds.

It is also a financial issue. Many hospital doctors ask your GP to prescribe so their budget spending is lessened!

It's stuff I've learned through being a nurse and a patient!!

You'll always find secondary care providers referring your medication prescribing to your GP unless it's specialised meds.


You have to have paper rx for most controlled meds but the rest are now being submitted my computer.

This is correct your Rheumy Dr writes to your GP and advises what course of mess you are in and how things are going, they must keep in touch in order for you to have the appropriate care. When it comes to your medication your GP will prescribe it , if it's not on repeat prescription it's because they might not have selected it on their computer, when a repeat prescription is asked for whether by phone or your slip attached to previous script that you tear off with a list of meds , the same GP does not check and print out your monthly drugs it can be the GP you've seen or a different one hence the reason sometimes it's not on it. Just speak to the surgery ask for a phone appoint with your GP this can save you a trip and they can organise things for you. ANY medication can be on a monthly prescription.

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