I've been lift in pain

Wanna end my life.i can't stand livin lesbian lesbian this anymore. I have nothin to live for.

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  • Why wots up

  • I'm in pain and wanna end it all

  • Phone gp or nhs .and explain wot you said here .they will have to act and control pain and mood and tell them you said you want to end it

  • They said go to a and e I've bin there they leave me in a wheelchair outside

  • If you're in the Cambridge/Peterborough area call 111 and chose option 2. They are really helpful and will be able to help & advise. They'll also be able to tell you who to contact when you go to A&E for help.

  • All 111 do is say go to a&e I go there and they say contact ya gp and they do nothin

  • Is that with option 2?

    Option 2 are a support system and you'll be speaking to a trained psychologist. I've used them myself when in crisis.

    When you attend A&E you need to explain the pain you're in. Tell them the level of it clearly. Often telling them it's 10/10 or 9/10 is easier for them to understand. (It's a pain rating system they use).

    I'm sorry I can't help much from where I am but I do understand your suffering as do many other people on here.

    Have you ever contacted your GP about the pain you experience? Have they done any investigations? If not, seek a second opinion. Even on days the pain isn't too bad, seek the second opinion and tell them about your worst days. If there is more than 1 GP at your practice ask to see a different GP until you find one that will listen.

    If you're still in crisis now please contact samaritions. They can't stop your pain but they can be there for you on the phone.

  • Gp won't give second option. He said it's a waste of NHS money.i may have lung cancer and I still have to wait for a another scan that isn't till next year. Remain in pain I've lost everythin .ive explained everythin 111 999 gp specialist over and over again.

  • They can't stop you from getting a second opinion.

    You may be better getting in contact with Citizens Advice in regards to Medical Negligence. They'll be able to help you find a second opinion and may be able to help you claim from your GP for the psychological effects.

    Hopefully someone else will see all this and be able to provide you more practical advice.

  • They have already said im mental

  • Gp a@ e staff ambulance people I'm so tired from all of this.i can get a second op only if I pay

  • Try Citizens Advice. They offer free legal advice and may be able to assist you further.

  • Hi, I'm really sorry to hear about your problems. I've been in that situation myself and luckily my go got me help at my local hospital. It's hard when you feel your worth is zero, but I'm sure it's not, you just need to find a way through it. I know that sounds easy when it's not. I'm in a lot of pain myself and I'm on Morphine, I only have between 18 months and 2 years to go. So I'm determined to enjoy every minute of it, that doesn't mean flying around the world etc. It's just enjoying the small things and ignoring the problems. I know there are many people much worse off than me. Please slow down, think it out and find a direction to go. It's important that you only take little steps and the first is the hardest. Call the Samaritans, I'm sure they are a good place to start and try to find something positive in your life, there must be something. Good luck

  • This is good advice. I had very bad hip and back,/neck pain for approx 7 years but virtually none now. There has to be hope. Samaritans may be able to recommend a self-health group. I feel a group of people could help a great deal in your case. The meds need to be spot on to get maximum pain relief. I want to hear how you are getting on. We all do.

  • Sorry about your prognosis, certainly not a great time to go through such things, not that anytime would be. Wishing the best outcome possible, continue to enjoy what you can, for as long as possible.

  • I have two birthdays: my regular one, and when I didn't expect to wake up after taking an overdose 4 years ago (only one of my friends knows that).

    I was in your shoes only a few months ago, where I got pushed past my breaking point (saw it coming since June). There's so many what it's that would mean I wouldn't be here now. It's still hard to get my head around what was going through my head. I still get those thoughts.

    I have since opened up, as I didn't tell anybody how bad things got. Even my old flatmate who is a mental health nurse. Also, getting counselling through a local charity. Which has helped.

    I do have a really good GP (I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for her), who went against the pain specialist & increased my meds (instead of getting sectioned).

    I do feel better now, but this will happen again. It maybe 4 months, it may be 40. The mental health support has been abysmal, but I'm trying to get support in place as I know next time I won't try to get help.

    It's not that I want to kill myself, it's to escape the pain.

  • you are not mental. Living with pain is harder than anyone without pain can imagine. If you need to talk to someone you can ring the Samaritans on 116 123. It really sounds like you need to talk to someone now.

    A&E is not really set up for chronic pain (which is why they are often crap at dealing with you) but it is still where you should still go. And its really important to tell them how low u are feeling.

    look at how many people here care about you and most of us have been where you are now. With a decent gp living with pain gets easier. Please reach out to A&E or your GP. They need to know how you are feeling.

    take care

  • A@ e don't done anythin and gp don't

  • Have you tried changing what you eat, regular exercise even chair based if walking or standing is not possible and meditation e.g. mindfulness. . I'm not sure of your pain and reasons for pain but I find if my nerves are cushioned with muscle and I'm calm..with taking herbal alternatives/supllements and accepting I can only do one thing a day and Pace myself, my pain is reduced from 80 p.cent with a lot of medication including weekly injection to 20/30 p.cent and just one tablet. I have rheumatoid arthritis and live in pain every day 24/7 and I work 4 days,a,week. Since looking weight and changing yo a vegetarian diet my pain has reduced. Once I'm vegan I feel my pain will almost be gone. It may not work entirely for you but what do you have to loose. The NHS isn't what it was years,ago..theyvare too bratty yo care so we have to do what we can ourselves. PInterest website can give you diets and exercises,that may help ease some of your pain. . A lot of processed food is giving us,UN necessary pain and we don't realise. Meditation fir me puts everything into perspective but that's my opinion as I been living with anxiety since my divorce 10 years,ago and I been off meds for just over a year... I hope you can find a way to enjoy living... I have..

  • Great reply here. This is a wonderful forum.

  • I'm 30 years old.i should b out enjoy my life.i had a good job I loved.i could have cancer and the NHS ant doin anythin.

  • How are you feeling now?

    I understand your fear. If you have had the relevant tests and they have said come back in 6 months they are monitoring you, if anything does develop they will catch it in time.

    Where is your pain? If you tell us we can all advise what maybe helps for us etc and find something that can make you more comfortable.

    You are sounding very desperate in your messages please seek professional help and please do not drink any alcohol as that will only temporarily lift you but then will plunge you into a deeper depression.

    We are all in this together and there are people here for you.

  • OMG, I am sorry that you feel that you have nothing to live for. I could, at this point, go on about the beauty of the world (but I know that won't stop your pain). You, like a lot of people, need resolution to pain which is safe and non addictive. As you know, there are a million and one different pain remedies, all of which have to be juggled according to your body chemistry.

    Sorry to be like this but, in the words of the song 'bitch', 'morphine makes me itch' - well, following my operation, it did me anyway, but it made the pain go away - when I told my neurosurgeon, he prescribed a stronger, artificial (synthetic) version which had to be monitored to stop me from going to a pain free coma.

    The question is, why can't the doctors get it right the first time?

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